June 6, 2014

You're Invited To: The YA Prom!


What is The YA Prom?

Well, YA Prom is a lot like regular prom. But this time you can skip waiting anxiously for that perfect boy to ask you, obsessively rifling through clothing stores for the perfect dress, all that other perfect jazz, and go straight to the partying on twitter in your pajamas!

All you really have to do to join The YA Prom is:
1. Write a post detailing who your YA date is (ex: Harry from Harry Potter), what you're wearing, and any other information you deem necessary.
2. Post said post on your blog/tumblr/wherever by June 25th at 8:30pm and link up to the Linky that will appear on both Gaby and Alexa's blogs when their prom posts go up.
3. Pop onto Twitter at 8:30pm on June 25th and, using the hashtag #YAProm, spend an hour with your twitter friends celebrating YA, prom, and other excellent things!

Please note the following: 
-If you don't have a blog or a tumblr, you can still join us. Let everyone know who you're going with and what you're wearing in a tweet and use that tweet to link up on June 25th in the Linky that will be on Gaby and Alexa's blogs.
-We'd love for EVERYONE to join - authors, bloggers, book aficionados... this prom is for all of the people of the interwebs.

So, mark your calendars, pick your YA date, do a little shopping, and we'll you at the YA Prom!

(Much love from your Prom Committee: Gaby and Alexa)