July 8, 2014

Top Ten Blogging Confessions (56)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
Can we talk about how I've been doing Top Ten Tuesday for over a year's worth of Tuesdays? (It hasn't been a year since I started doing this feature though - sometimes I skip weeks.) I mean, I know how long I've been blogging (a little over a year and a half) but I don't count the weeks since I started. I just number these Top Ten Tuesday things for reference. And there are 56 of them on my blog. Nuts, I tell you.

Anyway, this week's topic if Blogging Confessions (which feels somehow connected to my moment in the last paragraph so woohoo for that). Ready to hear about the things I have to confess to?

1. I don't schedule posts.
I know I should. And I want to. I'm just really lazy. Whenever I post a post, you can bet I finished it just minutes before. Except Top Ten Tuesdays. I schedule those for midnight. But, in all likelihood, I finished said posted at midnight posts at like 11:43PM. Because that's just how my procrastinating self rolls.
2. I think my blog name is stupid.
I do. I often think about switching to wordpress and, while making that switch, completely rebranding. But I have not made the switch and have not rebranded. (But do you guys think that's a bad idea? TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, MY LITTLE MAKESHIFT THERAPISTS.)
3. How do you read more than one book at a time?
I just care a lot about the one book I'm reading, how do you take breaks and read anything else? So confused. (Although, I have been trying to do this more lately because OMG SO MANY BOOKS.)
4. I've read many books I have not yet formally reviewed. 
This is just me being lazy. I've been slacking on my posting recently. Last month I only posted a measly 12 times. I still talk about stuff on Twitter and post a little bit on Goodreads/leave a star rating there (which I don't do on the blog anymore) but it's not really blogging. I don't know what's got me all sluggish, but I've definitely been trying to work through it. Since January.
5. I judge people based on the books they like.
If you really love a book I hate, I may or may not judge you for it. It doesn't go the other way, though. If you hate a book I really love, I might just get a little sad and pretend like that book doesn't exist because I don't want to have that conversation.
6. I don't really mind lending people my books.
This one's weird because I've been quoted saying (on more than one occasion): "YOU ARE NOT A LIBRARY." And it's true. You're not. But I think the truth of this statement is that I don't have many friends who'd want to borrow my books to begin with. Maybe 3 or 4? And they never want to take giant stacks. Also, I'd never lend anything to someone who I didn't trust. But I also don't let people I don't trust into my bedroom (where my book collection lives). So, really, there are a lot of things that go into why I don't mind lending out books, but it all works out, mostly. (Although there are some books I will never lend out - like my signed copy of Fangirl or my special editions of His Dark Materials or any of my Tamora Pierce mass markets. GET YOUR OWN, BITCHES.)
7. I'm kinda over Harry Potter. 
YES it was a huge part of my childhood. YES The Prisoner of Azkaban is one of my favorite books of all time. YES Harry hold a special place in my heart. YES I'd still marry Remus Lupin in a heartbeat. Yesyesyes a million times yes. But I had many-a-issue with the series and I'm kinda done talking about it all. the. time. Please. Harry's saved the world a million times, please let him ease into retirement.
8. I'm not a very visual person?
Whenever people ask me to fancast a book I can't. I don't picture what characters look like when I read. I just have a feel for them and know their insides or what, I guess. And I suppose I take note of like, eye color, or whatever, but I personally didn't have any opinion about film casting for the Hunger Games (for example) because no one had taken shape in my brain. And then they handed me Josh Hutcherson and I was like, "mmmm Josh Hutcherson."
9. I don't really read classics.
I dunno. So sue me.
10. I'm terrible with comments.
And I don't just mean on other people's blogs. I'm also really bad at responding to the comments left on my blog. If you ask a question I'll try to answer. Or if you've left me something extra sweet. But, well, I can barely get posts up in a timely fashion, y'know? (Please note that even if I don't comment on your blog post/respond to a comment on my blog, I still read!)
Kay that's it, try not to think less of me now that I've confessed all these things. And I'll see you whenever (maybe not next week?) for my 57th Top Ten Tuesday!