July 13, 2014

Epic Recs: July

Feature created by Amber and Judith, Graphic created by Judith
Okay, so I know I only JUST posted my review from last month, but that was late and this is late so... BEEP BEEP move out the way Epic Recs July is driving on it. This month I told Lisa I wanted something non-contemporary, different, and with a map (the map bit basically means fantasy and since Lisa's my soul sister, she knew this). Anyway, while Lisa couldn't find me a map (I know, sads) she did find me something non-contemporary and definitely different. I am excite. 

Here's what Lisa has to say about what's she's recommended me:
"I'm recommending for Gaby A CURSE DARK AS GOLD by Elizabeth C. Bunce. It's got some magical elements in it and it's got a quiet richness to it that just screams fantasy. I'm sorry there's no map, but I think she'll really dig this Rumpelstiltskin retelling! It's character driven, family focused, and just so, SO good! I think you'll love this under the radar fantasy read, Gaby!"
And I recommended FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS because... HELLO. But if you want more of a real explanation (instead of my silliness) you'll have to go visit Lisa's blog (you KNOW you want to).
So, it sounds like Lisa and I are going to have a pretty good month. If you have any thoughts on what we've recommended each other, make sure you sound off in the comments below!