May 20, 2014

Top Ten Books With Awesome Friendships in Them (53)

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I love books with good friendships. I didn't always have the best time with friends when I was YA-aged, though. I think reading about them kind of makes up for it. Or gives me hope for the future. Or helps me reflect on my current friendships. I don't actually know. I just like friendship books (Although I also like when there's also a love-interest thing thrown in with all the friendship stuff. Delicious.)

PS: Please note - not all of the books featured below are book one in their respective series, but I decided to feature the book in the series that best shows the development of the friendship in question. So pay attention, okay?

Liesel + Rudy. *criiiiiiiiesssss*

Emily holds on to Sloane unconditionally and Sloane challenges Emily like no one else. It's perfect.

Cath and Reagan didn't seem like they'd be the perfect fit. But they so are and I love them.

Everyone in this book is perfection as friends. And as other things.

Roar and Perry, Aria and Roar... it doesn't matter the combination, these are some kickass friendships.

Maggie and Roux are perfect. Serious meets silly, lonely meets lonely. So wonderful. 

We've all met Kenji, right? Because his friendship with Juliette = THE BEST.

This book is just so sad, but Annie and Mo's friendship is so lovely, regardless.

Laila makes me mad for reasons in this book, but Addie's devotion to her and Laila underlying love for Addie is pretty fantastic. (And Laila's much better in Book Two.)

I <3 Karou and Zuzana. (Please note, I've only read Book One so I have no idea how this friendship is going to end up but it's fantastic in Book One.)

Oh, and for a bonus friendship book...

Dee and Reagan stick together always, no matter what. Love it forever.

Did you love these friendships? Or maybe you know others I should read? Let me know in the comments below!