May 16, 2014

A BEAst of a Convention Part II

I half-heartedly wrote a BEA post like three weeks ago about how awesome I think New York City and its parks are. You can read that one HERE. But it really doesn't have that much useful information in it. It's just kind of silly. So if you want to read about me being silly, please read that post. 

However, the other day I was thinking: "Most of my readers probably aren't going to BEA. And those of my readers who are have probably read a million prep posts. So this really isn't so very necessary. But I feel feel the need to put out of few bullet points for the small minority who thing they need to read up more on this convention."

Also I was thinking: "Maybe I should tell the people a little about me and my BEA practices so, if, perchance, they see me on the floor, they'll know what kind of insanity to expect. Even though most people reading this aren't going to BEA and there's really no point. But oh well."

So here are two short lists covering both of these unnecessary thinking moments I had...


1. Getting Around (This is the Most Important)
You're gonna need to get yourself a Metrocard. But here's the thing about Metrocards: they cost a dollar when you purchased them from the machines. But I hear that there are establishments in the airports that will still give them to you with your standard subway fair. Get those. A dollar isn't much, but if you're flying in anyway, put it towards you next cup of coffee.
That being said, if you think you're going to take the subway 12 or more times over the course of the week you'll be here, buy yourself a 7 day pass. Considering you'll probably be taking a subway to and from the Javits every day and then sight seeing/going to events after the convention, you'll probably manage that.

Oh, and, also, you might think a cab'll get you there faster but around 7 times out of 10 (I have no research to back up this number, please just let me have it) that's just not true (unless you're trying to get to and from the airport). Especially during rush hour. Only take a cab if you have so much stuff you can't move. But know that you probably won't be able to get a cab at the Javits unless you want to wait for a half hour. So. That sucks.

2. Food
In my last post, I noted the need to PACK LUNCH. Pack it. Put it in your bag. Eat it when you need the space for books (which may or may not be around lunch time). Just... trust me. And then find me on the floor at BEA and thank me. 

3. Twitter + Planning
Publishers tweet about surprise drops sometimes. Follow the hashtag. Allow said hashtag to ruin whatever plan you've cooked up because there are a million other things that'll ruin said plan and there's no reason to stick to a schedule if you could be having fun. (Because BEA = Fun.)

4. Visit the Bookstores
Even if you're not going to buy anything, there are so many fantastic bookstores around the City. I work at one of them and will attempt to coerce you into buying a book if you come visit me there on the Tuesday I'm working just before BEA kicks off. 

Also, that place I work at? There's gonna be a Maggie Stiefvater + Garth Nix + More Event on Friday. At 6PM. I'm not even working that night and I'll be there.

5. Do One Non-BEA Thing While You're Here
I don't care what you do. Just enjoy the city. And if you need recommendations, let me know.


1. The Attitude
On Day One I'll be the one bouncing around like a small child hopped up on sugar. It doesn't matter when you see me, I will be all over the places with excitement as I run around grabbing books, meeting authors, and hugging friends. You might hate me for my energy. But I just can't help myself. 

On Day Two, I'll still have a bit of this energy but I'll surely be fading. I'll still get really excited about the books and the people and the hugging though, don't worry. 

On Day Three, I'll be the very, very tired girl on a mission. That's the day where I get the last of the things and you really shouldn't try to slow me down. Unless it's for hugs. I like hugs.

2. The Snacks
I may or may not have baked goods with me in the mornings. Not later in the day though. I'll be eating things to make room for books. Also, baked goods can be heavy. So find me early.

3. The Wanderer
I have a tendency to not stick with any one person or group throughout BEA. It's like: "Oh, you wanna go stand in line for that? Great, I'm gonna go over there, I'll see you later, probably." And then I'm splitsville. I usually like to wander with someone or take up with a new friendly face as I go, but I also enjoy making new friends in line/when I stop at a booth to talk to publishing people or grab a book. Basically: Don't be offended if we're traveling together and I decide I just have to go find one thing or another. And, if you see me wandering alone, it's because I'm a Wanderer.

4. Awkward
Introductions are awkward. However, if I recognize you, I'll usually just walk up and say, "This is weird but I'm Gaby and sometimes we talk on Twitter." It's a strange moment, but it needs to be said because I'm (most of the time) not the kind of person who will not say hi and then have the regret later. But if you see my having a moment of fear that'll morph into later regret, please walk up to me and say "This is weird but I'm _____ and sometimes we talk on Twitter." I'll laugh, I promise.

5. Feed Me
Feed me and we will be best friends forever and ever. That is the golden rule.

Okay. That's it. Questions and thoughts are for the comments below.