May 14, 2014

Pick of the Week: The One Where I Need it to Be Summer

Pick of the Week is... well, it's exactly what it sounds like. Once a week I pick a book. I may pick said book because I'm super excited about it. Or maybe I was super excited about it, forgot how excited I was, and am now using this to refresh my memory. It's also possible said book was blurring in with all the other books in my brain and I want to get re-excited about it. Another possible option is that I just want to flail about a book I'm about to read/am currently reading. Basically, I'm writing a love-note to a book I haven't started/finished yet to build hype for both myself and my reader. Which doesn't sound like a smart plan, but, oh well, too late.

And in case you want more of an origin story, you can check out my first Pick of the Week post.

This week is all about the summer time swoons. It's also got an incredibly swoony cover. Basically, everything about this book makes me swoon. And it makes me want to go to the beach immediately. Not to mention, it's one I'm sure I'm going to love, especially since I loved the first book in the set.

I feel like my hints were vague enough for you to not know what book I've picked this week. Maybe? But it's also one of my Bout of Books picks. So you could probably go back to that and figure it out...

Did you go back?

Did you figure it out?



Ready to know what the pick is anyway?


I loved Nantucket Blue but I've kinda been putting off reading this one because the summary says Cricket and Zack have broken up and I just don't see how I can get over that tragedy. But it's almost summer and, to get myself in the mood, I'm going to swallow my sadness and read this beautiful book. I mean, how much do you want to be that girl with that hair with your head on that guy's shoulder right now (even if he's not Zack). Also, hello beautiful sky. And font. I'm so superficial and I'm not even sorry.

What do you think of my pick of the week? Are you also excited for this book? What about summer? Are you already planning your first beach day? Let me know all of the plans and things in the comments below!