November 19, 2013

Top Ten Books For My Friend Abbey (38)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
Maybe 4 months ago my friend Abbey text me to ask what books she should take out of the library. She watches a lot of TV and doesn't read too much, but when she does, she looks for good, fun, YA awesomeness. Now, since she knows about my blog and what I like to do for fun (because we're actually good friends), she chose me for recommendations. However, the trip was kind of a bust - it was a last minute deal and her library didn't have many of the books I suggested on hand. So she got something for her weekend away and then insisted that I write up a list of ten or so books I thought she'd like.

However, since I'm the worst, I never got around to it. But then I saw this list and I was like OH YES I WILL WRITE THIS LIST FOR ABBEY! So Abbey, my dear, here are your recommendations. Only a couple months late.

PS: If you're kind of nerdy, love cartoon/Disney/little kid things, are endlessly entertained by the internet/youtube/tumblr, watch a lot of TV, and are an all-around awesome, fun person, this list could work for you, as well. 

PPS: I will be writing this as if I'm talking to Abbey. DEAL WITH IT.

Why?: Because this is the book for any and all fangirls. Also, I think you'd be able to relate to Cath the same way I can relate to Cath. SHUT INS UNITE - from afar!

Why?: This is one of those fun, quirky books with lots of humor, spying and a very cute boy. It's got a bit of seriousness in it, but the fluff makes you feel like you're floating the whole time, no sadness in sight. 

Why?: I'm a little worried you might get frustrated with some of the nerdier references here, but it's a very smart book with a lot of academic references to go along with the nerdy ones. Also, some of the nerd-ery here is Doctor Who based. So it's okay.

Why?: This is a Romeo & Juliet retelling, which makes me a little hesitant because I know you are with your British history, but I loved it and I don't even care so READ IT. (There's also a good lesson in it that helped me be a happier person and since I know you, maybe you'll like that too.)

Why?: The main character's type A and this book takes place in London as an academic spring break trip. That is all you need to know. Thank me later.

Why?: PARIS AND SWOONS. You're welcome.

Why?: This one's historical fiction, set in England during World War II. It's about two girls who are friends, no romance. I picked this one for the historical setting and because I feel like there should be one book here that speaks for non-romantic YA.

Why?: Do you like, Austen, Abbey? I don't know if we've ever had this conversation, but FDSTS is a Persuasion retelling, complete with slow burn romance that will make you sigh out loud. But even if you don't, hush and read this book. IT'S POST-APOCALYPTIC SCI-FI.

Why?: This one's about a nerdy girl who becomes a model. And it's very, very funny. And silly. You'll have to come home and borrow it form me, though, because I'm pretty sure it's only in the UK right now. OKAY? GOOD.

Why?: Because I'm selfish and I want you to love it. Also, it's Steampunk, so it's also historical. AND, it's another one of those slow burn romances that kill me every time.

**BONUS** (Because I can't keep to JUST TEN when recommending books!)

Why?: Well, the reason this is the bonus is because A) I haven't read it (which didn't stop me with number 9 - or 7, for that matter) and B) it's a bit of a chunker (nearly 600 pages). But I hear it's fantastic and it's historical and magical. So I had to throw it in.

Why?: Here is another bonus book I have not yet read. But it's a Peter Pan retelling. And I feel like here is a good place to leave this.

So? What do you guys think of my list for Abbey? Furthermore, do you have friends you should be making lists for? Let me know what you're putting on their lists in the comments below!