November 10, 2013

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 25

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
So, how does this work, super sleuths? Go check out the Watch-Along kick off post for the skinny. I'll give you a second just in case...

All caught up? Good.

In case you already know the basics and just forgot what episodes are up today, here's the list:
  • "Witchita Linebacker"
  • "Charlie Don't Surf"
And for NEXT WEEK:
  • "President Evil"
  • "Hi, Infidelity"

Now onto the good stuff. 

So this one starts with Logan and Veronica bickering a little. Which depresses me. But I guess it makes sense since the two of them don't have very much in common except for being amazing (both separately and together).

WEEVIL. I was wondering what happened to Weevil. I'm glad to know he's okay, but it stinks that he's working for a horrible boss at a car wash. But then I'm glad that he and V are still talking. I love it. I also love that the head of school is still calling Veronica in to do the sleuthing.

Dean O'Dell sucks, trying to force Veronica into giving up her source. Piz is asking for favors... who are you even to ask for favors? I don't even care. I also don't know if I care about this football guy or his girlfriend.

Oh Dick. Making trouble at every turn. Especially between Logan and Veronica. Oh, and, Logan, where the heck are you? Why aren't you calling your girlfriend when you should be? Hasn't this relationship been ruined enough times?

HA. Veronica got Keith to hire Weevil. I like it.

Now, I like this injured cheerleader look, Veronica. Very sneaky and clever and what not. Maybe you can get the new playbook on the stationary with the ID number for this sad little football guy... But what's going on with Pop? He's going to leave if he doesn't get a full scholarship? The school can't exactly invent money.

Can Dean O'Dell really make Veronica give up her sources? That seems like harassment.

Okay. Now that printing out these extra pages seems to not be working, we need suspects. Who stole the playbook? Larry?

Weevil is solving crimes instead of committing them. And he's excited about it. Amazing.

So Veronica goes after Larry but it's a fail and then she realizes it's probably Pop so now she's getting this guy to confess. Blah, blah, blah, who care, LOGAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY ARE YOU MESSING UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH VERONICA? I can't say I like that Veronica tracking Logan, but I also don't like that he keeps bailing on her to gamble and party and whatever. Basically: I'm mad.

I already dislike Mercer for making trouble between my favorite television couple.

Sad for Weevil with all this job stuff. I can't blame him for punching that guy because he's a child abuser and all that, but that's not the way these things work.

And Pop is coming clean about... stealing an essay. Not about the binder going missing. So who the heck has this freaking binder? Oh. Trish does. That's a little insane. And then she loses it and you're just like, jeeze, you're an idiot, woman. But I'm kind of glad it's Larry in the end of it all becuase he's the worst.

I like that Weevil fixing the Dean's car helps Veronica solve this whole car situation. And that Weevil got a job out of all of this. He needs this job. I'm not even mad that he's working for Dean O'Dell who's a major d-bag.

Veronica. Stop. With. The. Tracking. Devices. Now. I can't deal with her anymore. She's sabotaging her relationship with Logan and it's infuriating. But thankfully Trish is the cautionary tale.

Another rape and those terrible boys seem to look sorry but... and I do not say this lightly, but I'm more interested in Logan and Veronica kissing. (SORRY I KNOW THAT MAKES ME TERRIBLE BUT LOGAN AND VERONICA MADE UP AND THAT MAKES ME HAPPY.)

Veronica: "Football. The systematic violation of the Geneva Convention made into a sport. I'm surprised the ASPCA doesn't protest."

Logan: "What is this? Jealous?"
Veronica: "Ooh, jealous would involve piano wire."

Larry: "Look, whoever you are. I'm not a criminal mastermind, I'm just a painter."
Veronica: "Yeah, well, so was Hitler."

Logan's over for dinner with Veronica and Keith. It's adorable and amazing. Until Veronica cuts off all conversation and that's terrible. What a train wreck.

I'm not sure why Parker can forgive Mac but she can't forgive Veronica? I'm not totally sure I understand this dynamic but I don't like it all that much. But now I'm glad Parker's over it because Veronica came clean about getting raped. Lord. Also, Nish go away.

Oh dear. The case of the boyfriend's missing money. Get at it, Bobcat, indeed. 

I don't like this case Keith is working. Harmony, you are boring. This whole thing is boring. I mean, Keith's already coming onto this woman and vice versa. I'm just so over it. So I'm going to skip it for the most part from now on.

HI WALLACE I MISSED YOU. (Even if you're really just a silly little plot device that doesn't really do anything in this episode. Although, I am glad your roommate hasn't show up.) But Dick, I totally didn't miss your encounters with Mr. Mars. Oh wait, there hasn't been one before now. Probably with good reason. But why is Dick really going to Veronica for help? Seriously? I mean, I love him, but seriously? He's just lucky Veronica's curious.

So Logan's money guy is skimming money. So upsetting, but what can you do?

Chip's terrible but Charleston's girlfriend is even worse. And Dick's a jerk. Whatever.

CHARLIE. STONE. I think this is one of the greatest plot lines to be introduced. At least this season. I mean, the rape cases are compelling, but I'm big on this half-brother story. I mean, Logan has family that's not Trina? Get out of town. Although, part of me wishes this was still embezzlement. 

I really don't care about this Pi Sig plot line either, anymore. Who cares if this freaking frat gets shut down? I know I sound like the absolute worst because it's all part of the rape plot, but I just can't do it. 

HI. LOGAN FROM GILMORE GIRLS AND LOGAN FROM VERONICA MARS ARE BROTHERS. Slow down, CW. All of these casting picks are killing me. But, Veronica, I like that you're super suspicious of Gilmore Girls Logan. He is a sketchy looking guy and not the real Charlie Stone. So who is he? A reporter? Either way, sucks for the Logan and the real Charlie Stone. Or, really, mostly for Logan because this whole thing is super messed up. My poor baby.

I don't know. This gif just felt right. I could be wrong.
So Veronica proves the Pi Sigs innocent. More drama. Sad times for Veronica. But these girls are pretty freaking intense about all of this. I get why they'd want to nail the Pi Sigs, but, seriously, let's find the guilty instead, please. 

Keith: "Are we start going to church or are you addressing the junior league?"
Veronica: "Bland is the new hot."

Veronica: "Umm, did you trip and fall onto sandalwood, musk, and a hint of spicy citrus or is that cologne?"
Keith: "It's aftershave. I'm going to traffic court."
Veronica: "Sexy traffic court?"

Charleston: "He was buck naked and sweaty. Like I caught him in..."
Veronica: "Flagrante."
Charleston: "No, in the middle of sex."

Logan: "Quick Jim, hide them hookers!"

I'm just going to sit here and be sad for Logan for a little bit. Because that's what I do when family dynamics don't work out for the characters I love. WHY CAN'T LOGAN HAVE A FAMILY THAT LOVES HIM? Ugh. Leave me some sweet words of comfort in the comments below, please.


  • "President Evil"
  • "Hi, Infidelity"