November 17, 2013

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 26

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
Hi! It’s Judith again, taking over the Veronica Mars watch-along for the second time. Why? Well, it’s Gaby’s birthday weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE! (Have you wished G a happy birthday yet? If not: what are you even waiting for?) Anyway, this means Gaby is crazy busy doing all kinds of stuff that doesn’t involve a computer or Logan Echolls (poor girl), so she left me in charge of keyboard slamming about Logan and Veronica. I like doing that, in case you didn’t already know.

So, what’s up this week?
  • “President Evil”
  • “Hi, Infidelity”
Next week, we’ll be watching:
  • “Of Vice and Men"
  • “Lord of the Pi's"

So let's get started!

This episode stars off with a lot of Veronica and Weevil awesomeness. The annoying teaching assistant (Timothy?) takes over Veronica’s lecture, and because he’s a prat, he chooses Veronica to do an oral presentation first. And who did she pick to talk about? That’s right: WEEEEEEVIL. Their friendship is just the best. They do an awesome job, because they’re an awesome team. Also, Quinn from Glee shows up as one of Veronica’s classmates. Veronica and Weevil hang out after and they talk about Logan because everyone wants to talk about Logan.

But then things get intense! V goes to a Halloween party with a casino because Logan wants to go, BUT two robbers show up with guns. They steal everyone’s belongings, including Lilly’s necklace that Veronica is wearing. Lamb shows up because he thinks he can solve it, but it’s Lamb, so of course he can’t. He's less annoying than he was in previous seasons, but come on. It's still Lamb.

Veronica suspects Weevil of being one of the robbers, because she told him about the Halloween party and because her necklace was stolen. (Y'know, because of Weevil and Lilly's whole secret relationship thing.) There is even evidence that Weevil used one of the credit cards stolen to pay for pizza. Poor Weevil. I still love him. Lamb, however, doesn't, because he throws Weevil in jail.

But we're dealing with Veronica Mars here, so even if she suspects Weevil did it, she won't let him rot in jail. She investigates (and while doing so, encounters her biggest fan, which is pretty hilarious) and finds out the guns were fake. Shocking: turns out the guns were stolen by the campus police. V does an awesome undercover game with Lamb and gets one of the guys to confess.

Well, Lamb, what have we learned today?

The other plot line in this episode honestly didn't interest me as much, but let's talk about it anyway. Dean O'Dell (what a lovely man that is) and his wife hire Keith to track down their kid's real father, because he is dying and they need him as a donor. Of course, Keith finds him in no time, and he, Cliff and V put up an awesome act of playing a casting bureau.

But alas, the kid’s dad doesn’t wanna talk to the Dean. So naturally, O'Dell takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps the dude. Because that's what happens in every movie and don't you know that that always ends up going horribly wrong?! Especially when you have someone as awesome as Keith Mars working your case. But of course, Keith is the best ever, because he decides to let them go through with it to save the kid's life, and just pay the dude for it. In cars, apparently. Did I mention that Keith is the best?

Other important things: Wallace is failing mechanical engineering and is very upset, but his friend with the pretty eyes decides to take him out. He cheats and gets busted.

V investigates a pic from the ATM machine that was taken before Claire was raped and puts on an awesome Southern accent. Anyway, Claire claims she doesn’t know the guy, but V finds out he’s her boyfriend. Ohhhhkay? Did she fake being raped then?!


Lamb (to Logan): "Hey, good-looking, we'll be back to pick you up later."

Veronica (to the theater department): "Thank you! Good night! Here all week. Try the veal. And, scene."

Weevil: “Hey, Joe College!”
Logan: “José Lunchpail, the living, breathing embodiment of the American dream.”

Veronica: “Look tough.”
Logan: “Always”

That last one is so flawless I can't even.


Hi, Infidelity starts off with dean O’Dell expelling Claire because she lied about being raped. Veronica wrote a story, but Nish refused to publish it, after which the dean basically fires her. Nish goes all evil and tells them both that they’ll regret this. Oh well, nobody cares about her anyway.

Wallace is in trouble for cheating, but he gets all awesome and passionate about mechanical engineering and stays in the class. He drops basketball and will now be studying 24/7, meaning that he basically can never do fun things ever again. But he doesn't mind.

V’s teacher asks her for lunch because she’s a brilliant student and also just brilliant. He wants to be her faculty advisor and everything is awesome, except that the TA gets jealous. He tells her that she plagiarized her essay. She finds out her essay has been posted a year ago with an e-mail address created just 3 days ago. Turns out the TA created the e-mail address on name of their professor’s fake name the professor uses to sleep with the dean’s wife.

Logan cheats by taking ten extra seconds on his test. He’s such an evil genius.

Piss shows up to ask Veronica out bowling, with a whole gang, but nobody shows up except he and Veronica. Oh, and Logan and Parker, because she invited them. Awkwaaaaaard. Parker is into Piss and some other stuff happens, but Logan took off his shirt and I didn’t notice anything else.

Then Parker and Veronica visit Piss and this guy Mercer shows up. Parker recognizes his cologne of the night she was raped, V tells Lamb and Mercer is arrested. Then at the end Logan tells V that he was with Mercer the night of the rape but DOESN’T tell her what they were doing. Logan, don’t keep secrets from V again! You KNOW that’ll only end up with you guys breaking up and I’m just not sure I can handle that again. CLIFFHANGER!


Veronica: "You cheated?"
Logan: "I took ten extra seconds on a test. I thought you loved bad boys."
Veronica: "I do, but if that's your idea of bad, you need to turn in your badge."

Veronica: "Just, Mac's had this project all week and Parker's all alone. I think we should invite her along."
Logan: "Um, how very Emma of you."
Veronica: "Did you just make a Jane Austen reference? It's official, the end of days are upon us."

Veronica: "No more fun. Too exhausting."
Logan: "Yeah. Next time we'll get in some weight training before we bowl."

Logan: "Well, that's my girl, spreading sunshine wherever she goes."

And that's it for this week, folks! I hope you enjoyed all talking about this show (Logan Echolls) and the flawless characters (Logan Echolls) as much as I did. Remember, next week we'll be watching:
  • "Of Vice and Men"
  • "Lord of the Pi's"
Also, don't forgot to wish Gaby a happy belated birthday!