November 3, 2013

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 24

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
So, how does this work, super sleuths? Go check out the Watch-Along kick off post for the skinny. I'll give you a second just in case...

All caught up? Good.

In case you already know the basics and just forgot what episodes are up today, here's the list:
[AKA the first two episodes of SEASON 3!]
  • "Welcome Wagon"
  • "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"
And for NEXT WEEK:
  • "Witchita Linebacker"
  • "Charlie Don't Surf"

Now, since I liked the way Gillian recapped the end of season 2, I'm going to mash up how I do it and how she does it and do something different for season 3. Fun, yeah?

"Here it is. First day of college. What do you say, Veronica? New school, fresh start. How 'bout you try not to piss anyone off this time around."

The first voice over of the show pretty much has me rolling around laughing on the floor, so let's see how the rest of this goes. 

Doctor Landry looks like a nice guy. And it's cute that Veronica's taking a criminology class. I will say that this teaching assistant guy looks a whole lot like Lucky - what do you know? A quick IMDb check confirms my suspicions. *sigh* This show.

VERONICA AND LOGAN ARE STILL TOGETHER AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS SEASON. Thank GOD. So much more promising than last season. And Logan needs her a lot (just like he did at the end of last season), so I'm glad she stuck it out this time. (Because I'd probably kill her if she didn't.)

Vinnie's in Keith's office, offering to activate Wonder Twin Powers. I almost wish, but I know it won't happen. But this whole thing is pretty suspicious and I'm wondering why Keith isn't suspicious too.

Now we're back at the house and Keith and Veronica are being adorable. I'm really glad Keith made it to New York, though. I was kind of worried at first. Kendall is the worst.

Oh Piz. There you are. You're so cute and I'm glad you and Wallace are getting along but you should just get out of here before it's too late for you. But your belongings are gone, so it's already too late for you. Just be careful with the flirting with Veronica, okay? Logan's a jealous man.

Keith is picking up Cormac Fitzpatrick from jail. I'm already bored of this plot line. 

So this raping and shaving heads deal is going to be a major storyline. I am intrigued. But I'm way more interested in Mac and how she dealt with everything that happened last season. And there's Dick. Way to juxtapose. I like it.

I don't really care about this Fitzpatrick/Kendall drama. At all. So we're skipping it.

Oh Logan and Veronica. Just stay in bed. Stay right there and don't get up ever. Bad things happen to the two of you when you get out of bed. Or answer phones. Don't do that either.

And now we're back to Keith and the Fitzpatricks. Leave me alone.

Ugh. Sacks and Lamb. Even worse. Get out, Veronica. Just leave this Piz situation behind and get out. Though, I do like that you found a clue on a bulletin board. This concert outing is bound to be hilarious to watch, if nothing else. 

Blah, blah, blah, Piz oogles at Veronica at the concert, Dick is trying to get with Mac's roommate and, surprise, he's still a dick, Veronica gives Piz some of Logan's clothing, Piz and Wallace oogling at girls, Keith and Fitzpatrick nonsense... let's move on to mystery solving. 

So Veronica steals a picture from that guy's house and then snoops through Tim/Lucky's files to figure some things out. Then finds out that the kid with the Boston accent is a miscreant and probably in on the stealing and misleading (but he did stereotypically accuse a bunch of black guys, so his story wasn't so perfect, if you ask me.)

Keith is saved and the Fitzpatrick plot line is basically over, but who cares because LOGAN GOT VERONICA A ROOM KEY. I MELT FROM THE CUTENESS. And Dick ruins the moment. And then Piz ruins everything else.

But now that Veronica's solved this thing can Piz stop mooning? Please?

Okay, I really am sick of this Fitzpatrick nonsense... oh wait. Keith. How did you not know Vinnie put a listening device in your briefcase? How? I honestly get that this whole thing is meant to finish what was started with Kendall walking into Keith's office at the end of last season but if Kendall's just going to end up dead, I'm not sure why we have to abuse Keith like this.


And now Parker's crying because she's been raped and shaved. There is a whole lot of crying in this episode. 

Keith: "Hot dog!"
Veronica: "Hot dog?"
Keith: "It's an expression of excitement and enthusiasm. Joe and Frank Hardy and I used to say "Hot dog" all the time while we were waiting for the car hop to bring up our malteds at the drive-in."
Veronica: "Drive-in?"
Keith: I hate you.

Keith: "Did you make any friends?"
Veronica: "Lord, no."
Keith: "Enemies?"
Veronica: "Eee..."
Keith: "Yeah, well, it is a day that ends in a Y."
Veronica: "Hey! You mess with the bull."

Piz: "This girl, she's, uh, she's our age and she's a detective. Is she also a cartoon?"

Piz: "This is, this it is."
Veronica: "They stole your stuff and covered your car in dirt? You're not welcome here."

Veronica: "What the frak?" (AND SO BEINGS THE USE OF THE WORD "Frak" IN MY LIFE.)

Veronica: "Women. Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch."
Mac: "Why can't they just look pretty and get their MRS degrees?"

Piz: "Well, a Saturn for a Mars."
Veronica: "In Neptune. Yeah, the planets really aligned for this one. Now, move your anus. The mercury's rising."

Parker's raped and Lamb's being a asshole. I really want to kill him. Where does he get off victimizing people? And now Parker's blaming Veronica for everything. Which seems a little extreme to me. Basically thing is one giant mess and I think we all now understand how this plot becomes a major story arc this season.

Oh Keith, lost in the desert. Now I'm a little worried about this plot point. Why couldn't Kendall just run away over the summer and have it be something we recapped at the beginning of this season?

Veronica's getting a job at the paper and her first assignment is to rush a sorority. That seems un-fun, at best. I think I'd rather that undesirable library desk job than this newspaper deal. Although Veronica likes a good secret room, so now she's trapped.  

This social experiment is going to be interesting. Especially since Wallace is a guard and Logan's a prisoner. AND RYDER STRONG IS A GUARD TOO. Gosh, he's scary, but he's still adorable. Actually, I just change my mind. He's a giant douche and he's gotta go.

Keith, you are sneaky with the pen and the bear trap. Although, I'm not totally sure what's happening here. Cormac and Kendall were a thing, but only Kendall was really in love so Cormac kills her? But why? She has money, I guess, so he wants it and then what's he gonna do with it? It looks like his brother was following Keith so he could get the money too and stop them. Does Liam not trust Cormac? And if so, what's Cormac's escape plan and why is he trying to find and kill Keith instead of following through on said escape plan? This bit never made any sense to me and I've watched this show  all the way through a bunch of times.

So Veronica's found the crazy sorority party (which obviously comes after the tame welcome to the sorority party - duh). That seems like fun. Interesting that she'd find Dick and Chip there. But I do like that the sorority her called her a safe ride when she thought she was super drunk. 

Y'know, I don't understand this Fitzpatrick/Kendall plot but I am, as always, worried about Keith.

But seriously, Ryder Strong, go home. You were never this mean in Boy Meets World. 

The RA guy drove Parker home the night she was raped. I know he seems to have an alibi, but I still don't like it. He plays his classical music too loud. Also he has a weird face. None of this in concrete, but I have my eye on you, RA guy.

This whole social experiment is a little much for me. Very extreme. Although, I like that the prisoner's snuck out for some food. Logan's so precious, I love him so much. 

And there's pot in the mystery room at the sorority house. I laugh every time Veronica walks in and says "Holy Smokes". But this whole situation with the cancer and the sadness is a little too much for me. Also, the way Veronica got voted in is also really sad. Yeah, she was pretending for some of it, but not all of it, I don't think. 

FINALLY. This Kendall thing is over. She was a smart lady though. Too bad she fell in love with a criminal and actually trusted him. 

I like how this guard thing worked out. Trickery, not brute force. And Logan streaking because Wallace wins. Nice work, Wally. Nice work indeed.

Nothing really struck me as particularly funny or witty in this episode. But that makes sense given the prison guards and the covert ops. 

The cast looks a little different this season, so pay attention, yeah?
  • Logan: Continue being cute, but try not to be too protective and jealous, okay?
  • Dick: *pats head*
  • Wallace: I love you. So much. And thank you for making that bet with Logan. 
  • Piz: Piz, this is your first formal warning. You really need to stop eyeing Veronica and get out of here. Just go. Don't do this to yourself or us. It's not worth it.
  • Ryder Strong: You're so cute but you can't do this you have to stop being terrible and go hang out with Cory, okay? He always balanced out your rough edges with his hysterical behavior.

And that's it for this week. Do you guys like the new format? Maybe you hate it as much as you hate Piz. Either way, be sure to let me know in the comments below!


  • "Witchita Linebacker"
  • "Charlie Don't Surf"