April 8, 2014

Top Ten Most Unique Books I've Read (49)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
I've read many, many books. Many. And I love a lot of them, for lots of different reasons. But, ultimately, there are certain books that are incredibly unique. Now, there are a lot of qualifiers I'd use for uniqueness and many of these books fall under two, or even all three of the categories, but for simplicity's sake, I've boiled it all down. So please, sit back and relax while I tell you about the unique books I love based on the categorizations of "Prose" "People" and "Plot".

I can't talk about the words in this book they are so gloriously perfect and have a very classic feel, even though this book is Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic. But I guess that comes from the book being based on a classic. (My Review)

Please, with this story. Just please. I would honestly marry all of it, if I could. (My Review)

I've often noted that I would read a book about feet if Maggie Stiefvater wrote it. And I would. THE RAVEN BOYS is just my favorite of all the beautiful books Maggie Stiefvater has written. (My Review)

With the cross-outs and the story and the swooning over prose alone... I mean, just punch me with your words, would you, Tahereh Mafi? (My Review)

There's just something about the way Lauren DeStefano writes that simultaneously lulls me to sleep and utterly thrills me into 12 kinds of awake. I'd say that's a pretty serious writing magic trick right there. (My Review)

Karou kicks major butt. Like, always. And her internal struggle is fantastic. But it's not just her. Everyone else in this book is so awesome and distinct, it's like they sitting in this room with me, chatting about silly things. And most of the characters in this book are angels and chimaeras, so that's impressive. Also: Akiva. (My Review)

If you don't know why Katsa and Po are on my "unique people" list, then you clearly haven't read GRACELING and that's honestly unacceptable. Get out of here and go read. (My Review)

Cath is me and Levi is my dream boy. My experience with this book as a whole was entirely unique, the Queen of the Unicorns, but it was the characters that really made it all hit home for me. (My Review)

We've all seen cross-dressing books before, but none with protagonists quite like Scarlet. And that'd all I'm going to say about that because SPOILERS. Also, the setting is pretty unique too. I mean, ROBIN HOOD? Please. (And may I have some more?) (My Review)


A girl is looking for a graffiti artist whose works speak to her very soul. But she doesn't know his real name. So it shouldn't shock anyone when it turns out she already knows him and kind of hates him. The one night featured in this book tells of second chances and misconceptions and it's just perfect. (My Review)

Ever wonder if someone in a coma can hear you when you speak to them? IF I STAY by Gayle Forman explores that idea and so much more. And it's excellent. (My Review)

What if the dead were like the books on the shelves at the library? What if sometimes they woke up and got loose? What if there were people in charge of wrangling the dead who wake up - people who know this truth and have to live with it and not do anything when the people they love die? You're gonna wanna meet THE ARCHIVED and it's protagonist, Mac. They will blow you away.

Titanic-like disasters set in space. Also: deserted planets, opposites attract, slow burn romance, and aliens. Sci-fi done awesome and done right. (My Review)

Sci-fi retellings of classic fairytales with an overarching missing princess of the moon who's believed to be dead plot going on throughout the series. Cinder is about Cinderella as a cyborg set in futuristic China. Scarlet, about a French Little Red Riding Hood. Cress is a citizen of the moon locked up in a satellite in space. Winter, whose story comes out Winter 2015, is about a crazy Snow White who lives on the moon. I mean, really, what even with this series? Just read it all and thank me later. (My Review)

Okay, now you have a giant stack of unique books to read. YOU'RE WELCOME. And if you've already read some of these, you're more than welcome to talk about your unique book thoughts with me in the comments below!