April 7, 2014

Pick of the Week: The One Where I Want to Go to There

Pick of the Week is... well, it's exactly what it sounds like. Once a week I pick a book. I may pick said book because I'm super excited about it. Or maybe I was super excited about it, forgot how excited I was, and am now using this to refresh my memory. It's also possible said book was blurring in with all the other books in my brain and I want to get re-excited about it. Another possible option is that I just want to flail about a book I'm about to read/am currently reading. Basically, I'm writing a love-note to a book I haven't started/finished yet to build hype for both myself and my reader. Which doesn't sound like a smart plan, but, oh well, too late.

And in case you want more of an origin story, you can check out my first Pick of the Week post.

The book I picked for this week is all about road trips and music. Which is what this past weekend was for me. I drove up to Boston for a Matt and Kim concert. So I think it's only fitting that this book is my Pick of the Week. Not to mention, look at how summery and awesome this book looks? Today's weather might be rainy and dreary, but this cover really does make me feel better about it.

So are you ready to check out what's got me all excited this week?

I dig the colors, the title, the fact that the people on the cover are kissing (THIS FEELS PROMISING TO ME). And that's basically why I grabbed this one at ALA. But the summary also sounds pretty good. I like road trips and ditching bad ex-boyfriends/rebellious lifestyle choices and music and cute musician boys. Also, I've heard some really good things about this one from a couple friends, so I'm excited to have really good things to say about it when I'm done.

Am I right to be excited about this one? Have you already read it? Are you planning on buying it the second it comes out next week? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.