April 29, 2014

If You Like the Show/Movie/Comic, You Might Wanna Read... (50)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
Gosh I'm egotistical. Proof? The title of this post. Because, of course, you must like all of the non-book things I like and, therefore, will like all of the book recommendations I'll make for you in this post.
Oh, I decide not to stick to any one non-book thing. My brain just wants to tell you about all of the non-book things I like and how they fit into my book life. But I couldn't help myself with my Supernatural read-a-likes, so there are two of those. Which isn't to say that's my favorite show. But I'm still watching it and it's really not good anymore.

 photo DrWho-Archived_zps13b7838c.png
1. Doctor Who --> THE ARCHIVED by Victoria Schwab
Guys, there are Doctor Who EASTER EGGS in The Archived. Just. Please. 

 photo VMars-FarFromYou_zps8a42d5de.png
2. Veronica Mars --> FAR FROM YOU by Tess Sharpe
A murder mystery? Yes. Granted, Far From You is a little grittier and more introspective than Veronica Mars. And it's also a little less noir and what have you, but murder mystery! Best friends! Scary twists! It's all good.

 photo Leverage-AlsoKnownAs_zps4cbbc88a.png
3. Leverage --> ALSO KNOWN AS by Robin Benway
Leverage is about Robin Hood-type criminals and Also Known As is about a spy family from a secret international organization but I'd say the camaraderie and insane situations are similar. Also, the Leverage team totally does some spying and the Also Known As team for sure steals a thing or two over the course of the two books in the series. Whatever, just watch this show and read this book, the end.

 photo Supernatural-SSaD_zps6915926d.png
4. Supernatural --> SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY by Susan Dennard
Ummm random gods, necromancy, scary things, voodoo... please. All of these things can be found in Something Strange and Deadly. Also, Sam is totally like Eleanor and vice versa. And Daniel can be such a Dean. (Disclaimer: I have no Supernatural ships, please don't read into that. Or do, if it makes you happy.)

 photo Supernatural-DoSaB_zps50c83b22.png
5. Supernatural --> DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE by Laini Taylor
Chimaera, angels, doomed romance... This sounds very Supernatural to me. Both in a TV show AND genre way. 

 photo Once-Cinder_zpsb17af7d0.png
6. Once Upon a Time --> CINDER by Marissa Meyer
Fairytale retellings that do some pretty out there things to the stories we know and love. Although, I think Cinder sticks closer to the source material. 

 photo Titanic-TheseBrokenStars_zpsd56584bd.png
7. Titanic --> THESE BROKEN STARS by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
So the similarities between these two things ends a few chapters into These Broken Stars. But, whatever. Rich boy, poor girl, giant cruiser ship crashes. Only in These Broken Stars that is far from the end.

 photo Mulan-Alanna_zps75ceb588.png
8. Mulan --> ALANNA: THE FIRST ADVENTURE by Tamora Pierce
Both Mulan and Alanna masquerade as men. Mulan does it to protect her father. Alanna does it because she wants to be a knight. Both bring honor to everything. I like both of these things.

 photo Spiderman-MaryJane_zps4e4079bb.png
9. Spider-Man --> MARY JANE by Judith O'Brien
Okay, so these two things are directly connected but Mary Jane's 10 years old and maybe you haven't heard of it. I wouldn't say it's the greatest YA book I've ever read and I haven't read it (or it's sequel) in quite a few years, but if you're a fan of Spider-Man, you should read it. 

 photo X-Men-Control_zps21ffeb5f.png
10. X-Men --> CONTROL by Lydia Kang
This one's mostly because of the genetics plot line. Most of the characters in Control are pretty much mutants. There are even warring mutant factions. But the goals and plot lines are very different. Either way, a worthy comparison. 

I hope you like these TV/Movie/Comic to book recommendations. You might also try going in the reverse order if you like some of these books! Also, let me know what else you'd recommend based on my TV/Movie/Comic picks in the comments below, okay?