July 2, 2013

A Very Merry Unbirthday for PLAYING NICE by Rebekah Crane

Do you guys remember when I interviewed Rebekah Crane and then reviewed her book (PLAYING NICE) back in January? Well, PLAYING NICE has been out for six months now and the ever lovely Rebekah's asked me to be apart of the celebration. And SINCE I loved the book AND I love celebrating and parties and (un)birthdays, I COULD NOT SAY NO.

So, like I said, PLAYING NICE has been out for six months and it’s time to CELEBRATE! What better way than to host a GIVEAWAY of some awesome things: e-book copies of Playing Nice, skull bracelets just like Lil would wear, and a very special hard copy of PLAYING NICE annotated by Rebekah filled with notes, doodles, and secrets only the author would know!


Martina "Marty" Hart is really nice. At least, that's what people think.

It's Marty's junior year at Minster High. Minster's a small town where making great grades, smiling pretty, helping old people, running the new-student Welcoming Committee, and putting up decorations for all the dances--including the totally awful Hot Shot fall hunting celebration--gets you ... what? Marty's not sure. Instead of dreaming about a sororities-and-frats future at nearby University of Michigan, she's restless, searching for a way out of the box her controlling mother and best frenemy Sarah have locked her in. When Lil--don't call her Lily!--Hatfield transfers to Minster, Marty gets her chance. Lil's different. She smokes, wears black, listens to angry punk records, and lives in a weird trailer with her mother. Lil has secrets--secrets that make her a target for all the gossiping and online bullying Minster can muster. But so does Marty. And Marty sees something different in Lil. Something honest.

Something real.

PLAYING NICE is the achingly true story of a girl who's been following the rules for so long she's forgotten who she was when she started. It's about falling in love with the wrong people and not seeing the right ones, about the moments in life when you step out of line, take a chance ... and begin to break free.


In the event that you want to celebrate with Rebekah by WINNING STUFF, you should DEFINITELY enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. And HONESTLY. Who doesn't like celebrating by getting free stuff?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


In addition to winning cool stuff, we’re gearing up for the publication of Rebekah’s next novel, ASPEN. The cover is coming and will be revealed on September 5th!! We’d love for you to join us (we’re giving away stuff then, too! PARTY!) Sign up HERE to participate and get asneak peak at ASPEN’s badass cover!

About ASPEN:

You know your life's going to have some strange twists when your hippie mom names you after the tree she gave birth under at a stoner concert. She didn't know she was pregnant; you end up being named Aspen….

Next thing you know, you're seeing ghosts.

Before their cars collided, Aspen was the nondescript slacker flying under the radar, Katelyn the sleek-haired popular girl, one half—with gorgeous boyfriend Ben Tyler—of Boulder High’s “It” couple.

After the accident, Aspen is unexpectedly popular, her new lab partner Ben, as in Katelyn’s Ben, is unexpectedly interested in her … and in the biggest twist of all, Katelyn’s ghost appears unexpectedly at every turn. At first, Aspen feels badly.

Then she starts to feel annoyed.

With the help of best friends Kim and Cass, her childlike mother, Ninny, and Ben, Aspen must learn the difference between an accident and fate, while defining the role she wants to take in an indefinite world. It might just be the only way to banish Katelyn from her life forever.

Rebekah Crane’s darkly humorous new young adult novel, ASPEN, is the story of an accident and its aftermath. It's about a girl struggling to forget the past while being deathly afraid of the future. But most of all, it's the story of what comes next.

Thanks for being a part of PLAYING NICE’s giveaway and the exciting cover reveal for ASPEN! Let’s get this unbirthday party started!

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  1. I have this book! I need to read it! Those bracelets are so cute. (:


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