July 7, 2013

I Don't Even Know How This Happened

Paper Lantern Lit (Proper Noun): 
"PLL is a literary incubator. We come up with story ideas, we plot them using our knowledge and experience with narrative structure, and we coach authors through the writing process. Like architects, we envision, design and layout all the basics of a book, but it’s our writers who inhabit them and bring them to life."

[Source: Paper Lantern Lit Website]
Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, Paper Lantern Lit has a Preferred Bloggers Program. Recently, they were recruiting and, with a little prodding from a couple of friends who honestly believe in me and this little blog that apparently CAN, I applied and was ACCEPTED. (This would be a pretty terrible post if I applied and DIDN'T get accepted, wouldn't it?)

Okay. So now I'm a preferred blogger. This means I get BOOKS.

Like these ones, although I already had Venom and Meant To Be.
I'm obviously excited about all of these books (you guys ALREADY know how much I loved Meant To Be, right?). I honestly can't even begin to tell all of you how thrilled I am to be apart of the PLL family. But YOU should all GET EXCITED as well, my dear royal subjects because something VERY EXCITING (and potentially embarrassing) is in the works. And you all know how much I love very exciting and potentially embarrassing things (and vice versa).

SO. Until this exciting and potentially embarrassing post goes up, please feel free to use this time to contemplate the fact that I just called you all my royal subjects AND congratulate me on my blogging accomplishments - all of which pretty much happened because you all seem to like me for some crazy reason.

Seriously though. Royal subjects? And how about demanding congratulations? I also complimented you guys, but there's gotta be a line to this self-granted royalty & I'd like not to completely ignore it. Maybe. Either way, LET ME KNOW - in the comments below! 


  1. Such exciting news - AND I am excited to be introduced to Paper Lantern Lit! Congratulations!

  2. YAYYY! This is so exciting! I didn't even realize this was a THING until you and Jess got accepted! CONGRATS ON ALL THE AWESOME AND THE BOOKS, my dear!

  3. I am so happy and proud of you. I was thinking of doing it and for various reasons I'll probably tell you one day I didn't apply. But I'm SO SO SO happy you did. I'm so excited to see what greateness you bring.

  4. awww... awesome news!! congrats gaby!! :) :) :)

  5. Eek! Congratulations, Gaby! This is so cool! I'm excited to see your dare post for the upcoming tour ;)

  6. Congratulations! This is such a fabulous opportunity, and I'm sure and the other PLL preferred bloggers will be PHENOMENAL. I can't wait to see this potentially embarrassing post ;)

  7. Congratulations, Gaby! <3 <3

  8. EEP CONGRATS DEARIE! This sounds so awesome <3 <3


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