July 16, 2013

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition (31)

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We all read books by amazing fantastic authors. Some of these authors don't get the kind of recognition we (the individual reader) think they deserve. Why not? Who knows. But here's my list of ten authors who deserve your attention. Maybe not because of their "I'm hilarious on Twitter" skills, but because they're ah-freaking-mazing.

I think I've sung Sangu Mandanna's praise like a trillion times on my blog. I loved Lost Girl. It's a totally different, amazing, unique dystopian that's light on the dystopian but heavy on everything else in the most perfect way possible. 

Another book I can't shut up about. Just read it, okay? And then marvel at the brain behind it. Although, I do have to admit her Twitter skills are lacking. So, really, just admire the brain.

Holly Smale write this quirky, cute books AND happens to be adorable in person and hilarious on Twitter. If ever you feel like you're having THE WORST DAY EVER, just stop by Holly Smale's Twitter. She'll either A) cheer you up with her spontaneous wit or B) prove to you that she's having a worse day than you'll ever have - all without making you feel bad for her. 

Talk about an author who embodies her genre - if you want to live the Steampunk life, or even just observe someone who already does, Gail Carriger's the lady to watch. Oh, also, her books are DELIGHTFUL. 

I love Chloe. So much. As such, I think we all need to throw a little love at Shelley Coriell. Immediately. Was that not enough evidence for love-throwing? I don't actually care. I'm just making demands here.
Do you love The Vampire Diaries? Gilmore Girls? What's that? You're not following Rebecca Serle? That's a mistake. She talks about these shows the way I talk about Veronica Mars. Which is a lot, considering I have a whole feature on my blog dedicated to that particular show. Oh, also, I like her book and am SUPER EXCITED to read her new one.

Guys, Publisher's Weekly agrees with me on this one. So do a lot of my blogger friends. I just finished Nantucket Blue and I've got so many personal feels, I can't even. Besides, Leila's the cutest person in the world. So, like, get on that. 

Allen Zadoff is the only author on this list whose book I have not yet read. So how can he be on a list of authors who I think deserve more recognition? Well, Alan Zadoff happens to be one of the friendliest authors I've ever met. I mean, no author I've met was mean or anything, but Alan was just fantastic. So, that said, go put this book on your TBR list and start paying attention to this man.

The cuteness in Meant to Be is almost too much for me. But it's not because I love cuteness. You guys know that, right? Quirk and Cute. Those should be genres and all books fitting those words should immediately be placed in my hands. I also really like the authors of quirky/cute books. Which makes my push of MORE RECOGNITION FOR LAUREN MORRILL fairly logical.

I love, love, LOVE this series. I haven't even finished it and I'm talking it up to everyone. These four short books are crazy, insane, awesome. So I have to imagine the author is as well. I also really enjoy her tweets on an informational level. Like, she's not trying to entertain me or drive me crazy. She's just talking. And I like talking. OH AND ALSO. Some of the proceeds from her books go to charity. So really, I'm not sure what you're doing still reading this post. 

Wait, are you still reading this post? If so, stop by the comments and let me know what authors you think I need to be paying more attention to - whether because their books are phenomenal or their Twitter feeds are hilarious, I don't care. I just wannna know!


  1. I LOVE Gail Carriger. I Just started her Parasol Protectorate series a few days ago and LOOOVED it. I can't believe I waited so long to start it. I'll be reading the rest of that series while I wait for Curtsies & Conspiracies to come out. Woo!

  2. You make all of these sound so good. Carriger is quickly making her way WAY WAY up my TBR list.

  3. I haven't read any of these authors! Obviously I need to check them out.

  4. Haven't heard of these authors so i'll definitely be checking them out. thanks for sharing

  5. Rebecca Serle is on mine too! When You Were Mine was such a fantastic take on R&J and it gets no love at all. And I love that she is a CW nut like the rest of us. Just got approved for her newest book on Edelweiss. Can't wait!

    My TTT List

  6. Rebecca Serle is totally cute on Twitter! Love all her Vampire Diaries tweets! I also agree with you about Lauren Morrill. Meant to Be was completely cute and I cannot wait for her newest book when it comes out!

  7. I still need to read The Lost Girl!!!! Seriously. Must do that sooooon.
    Love seeing Lauren Morrill & Leila Howland! Two of my favorites! :)

  8. LOL I love how you often pointed out the author's tweeting skill
    I'm currently reading Nantucket Blue right now, yay! Have a high expectation on it :D
    And yes, Meant to Be was like, CUTENESS OVERLOAD! (eventhough it was kinda predictable for me) but ugh, Jason. And how the story located in London? Wahh makes the book even better <3

    Tirta @ I Prefer Reading

  9. I haven't read any of these but a lot of them are on my TBR pile. I wish I had all the time in the world to read all the books!

    My TTT

  10. The mention of the Vampire Diaries and Gilmore Girls totally sold me on Rebecca Serle, so I started following her on Twitter! Those are two of my favorite shows!

    I haven't read anything by ANY of these authors. I need to get on that! The sad thing is that I bought a signed copy of Meant to Be when it first came out and STILL haven't read it. Glad to hear that you liked it :)

  11. Yes to Lauren Morrill - loved the London setting and Jason/Julia and her writing voice! And Julia's voice too. Can't wait to see what Morrill comes up with next :).

    Rebecca Sterle & Leila Howland sound amazing. I'm definitely a fan of TVD, and I've seen Nantucket Blue around everywhere. Maybe that's a sign?

    "OH AND ALSO. Some of the proceeds from her books go to charity." Woah, really? Jackie Morse Kessler, you are already awesome.

  12. I have been having Geek Girl on my nightstand for months, but it keeps getting pushed back by review books. I love Holly on twitter, she is funny. and yes to Lauren Morrill , can't wait for her next book. ~daphne

  13. SANGU. <3 I really hope she writes another book, because TLG was gorgeous.

    Aha, Rebecca is SO funny. I cannot wait to read something from her.


  14. These are all new to me! Thanks for sharing! love the personal info.
    Here was my Top Ten.

  15. I've only read books by two of these authors, and I didn't like one of them. Oops. O_O

  16. Holly Smale is the cutest, and I adore her! Her tweets make my day better.


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