July 2, 2013

Top Ten Books I Really Want to Read But Am Afraid of Not Liking (29)

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Top Ten Books I Really Want to Read But Am Afraid of Hating. A mouthful, I know, but when I saw what this week's topic was (Top Ten Most Intimidating Books), I knew this is how I'd have to take it. Because size doesn't freak me out, nor do other people's expectations. No. What freaks me out is when I get ALL EXCITED over a book for whatever reason (NOT just other people loving it) and it's just not what I wanted it to be.

So here are ten books (and 2 bonus authors) I really anticipate loving, have a hard time seeing why I WOULDN'T love them and yet still fear reading because of one reason or another.

1. The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
I'm that girl who LOOOOVES fantasy. But my problem with fantasy is that I'm SUPER NITPICKY about it. And I've heard there are religious themes in this one. Which I'm ALSO really nitpicky about. So there's a lot of room for failure in my life with this book but I want to love it so much. So much. LET ME LOVE YOU BOOK. LET ME.

2. Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
I have this problem. It's called meeting authors and loving them. Susan Dennard falls into this category. She is the most wonderful and I have this enormous fear of not loving her book. Which is apparently Steampunk. Another thing I love. Just so many things I love. So. Book. I is scared.

3. Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland
A light, summery, fun book? Yeah, CHECK. A book about friend break ups. More things I like reading. NANTUCKET? I love vacationing spots like Nantucket. An adorable author I've met and loved? OH RIGHT AUTHOR MEETING ISSUES. Leila Howland is SO SWEET so, like, not liking her book is not an option.

4. Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
I love everything Maggie Stiefvater does. Everything. My favorite part of her books is probably the prose, which makes me feel like I could read anything she does and be super happy about it. But the plot of Scorpio Races doesn't speak to me so much. I'm like, water horses? But it's MAGGIE STIEFVATER. And I own the book. So I'll get to it. But I'm still all kinds of nervous about it all.

5. Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
ANGELS? ANGELS YOU SAY? I am definitely NOT an angel fan. But, guys. PRETTY COVER. That's another thing that'll keep me circling a book even though I probably shouldn't. So I'm currently circling and we'll see if I ever land on top of it, or if I continue to keep it in my peripheral vision.

6. Taken by Erin Bowman
This isn't one of those books everyone LOVED and now I want to read. In fact, this is one of those books everyone was kind of "eh" on but I still want to love it. Is it the cover? The plot? The cover? I don't know. But I absolutely cannot take my eye off this one. Let the circling continue.

7. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
This is totally one of those books where outside influence comes into play. ALL OF MY BLOGGING FRIENDS LOVE IT but it's vampires and I'm all vampired-out. (Although I'm not sure I was ever vampired-in, so much.) But I borrowed a copy of it and I really intend to make good on my promise to read it. I'm just scared of the friend responses to my potential dislike of this book. But only a little/lot a bit.

8. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
I have serious issues with books that people tell me are going to make me cry. Not because I don't love a good ugly cry. I totally love a good ugly cry. But when it's FORETOLD that I'm GOING to have a good ugly cry, I get nervous. Like, what if I don't? Am I dead inside? Maybe if I put this book off for longer, something will magically be changed and I will be guaranteed a good ugly cry. And I'm pretty sure I just revealed to all of you just how crazy I can be. YOU'RE WELCOME.

9. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
I actually just bought this one so I no longer have any excuses. If I hate this one, none of you can be mad at me. Even though I can't see how I would since: HI PARIS. But WHAT IF I FREAKING DO? I'm so rational, I swear.

10. The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen
I'm the kind of person who likes making friends and solidifying relationships. (Normal and healthy right?) And then, SOMETIMES, things get tough and the other person wants me to "expect less" from them* and back away from the closeness we've achieved, my brain just kind of shuts down because that makes no logical sense to me. Like, you get closer, not get close and then drift apart for no reason, right? Well, for me, the same is true with books. I didn't LOVE the first couple Dessen books, but starting from Keeping the Moon, I cozied up to her books. We got closer. Shared some stories. Giggled late into the night. But now this new book is out and I'm AFRAID (based on some of the iffy things some people have been saying) that this Dessen installation is gonna be all "EXPECT LESS, GABY." And, y'know what you guys? A girl can only really stand to hear such a terrible phrase once in her life, if at all. So. I. IS. SCARED.

*True story. My life is a YA novel. Copyright right there, kids. Copyright.


I'm not gonna lie to you guys, as much as I love Tamora Pierce (and I think you all know I do), I've only read the first 3 Tortall quartets and the first of the Trickster books. I'm terrified of reading the rest. I mean, I didn't LOVE the Emelan books and WHAT IF I don't like the end of Trickster or Bekah Cooper? WHAT IF? MISERY. FEAR. FALLS INTO SELF.

I like contemporary. But I'm always very wary of issue books. But everyone likes these. AND these are more covers that just scream: "READ ME, READ ME." I like the minimalist look sometimes, y'know?


  1. Oh my gosh, LOVE your list!! And I have Something Strange and Deadly on my list too and I TOTALLY agree with your reasoning! LOVE the author and I will now read it because of how awesome she is! Girl of Fire and Thorns is SUCH a favorite of mine but the religious undertones aren't subtle, it's a huge part--you might want to skip that one.

  2. TAKE TWO.

    1. The Girl of Fire and Thorns-- the religious themes really bugged me in this one BUT BUT BUT THE SECOND ONE IS SO WORTH IT. I will cry if you don't get to the second one (yes, I am making this more intimidating, I DO NOT CARE)


    3. I thought this book was meh. I'm sure the author is lovely, and the book had some serious high points, but... meh.



    6. I, um, despised this book. Oops.


    8. I'm always scared of books that will make me cry.


    10. I'm scared of this one too!


    Sorry for this long and ranty post, but your list gave me FEELS.

  3. I felt the same way about The Scorpio Races, but I really did enjoy it.

  4. A Girl Of Fine and Thorns is religious, but it's not preachy. The characters have their own beliefs, but you don't get the sense that the author is trying to convert you, so honestly it didn't bother me (and stuff like that in novels usually does). Vampire Academy was a pretty interesting take on vamps, I thought, but I can definitely understand being maxed out on one particular type of creature. :D Happy reading!

  5. Ooh, you need to read The Girl of Fire and Thorns!!! I'm the girl who cringes at religious themes, but in this series it didn't bother me AT ALL.
    Also, the only Angel books I like are Unearthly and its sequels ;)
    And you cannot possibly hate Anna, she and Etienne are awesome :) COME SWOON WITH US OVER ETIENNE!

  6. I TOTALLY GET YOUR LIST. My god, like its scary how much!!!

    However... Me Before You = heartache in the best way, if you read it i'll make you ... parmesan crusted chicken ;)
    Anna, wow. I get it, but come ON SO GOOD.
    VA= get the hesitation. But one day, you will read it and you will be like, WOW.

    I'm with you on Unearthly.


    NANTUCKET FREAKING BLUE?!!? kasjdlaskdjaslkdjawdwhqjpiejwkldasdj. That will be all.

  7. I just finished Something Strange and Deadly two days ago and really loved it. It was very different for me, and I do appreciate different from time-to-time.

    I've neve read The Girl of Fire and Thorns, but it's been on my TBR list for, like, two years.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

  8. OH I LOOOOOVE THE ISSUE BOOKS even though I'm relatively new to contemporary and hated them to begin with. But I LOOOOVE them now.

    And seriously, UGLY CRY to the max with the Jojo Moyes. Be ready. It makes your face hurt. But the book is really good and wildly discussable, so there's that too.

  9. Ok, I'll admit it, I had a slight heart attack when I saw you weren't sure about The Scorpio Races. I've both read and listened to the audio version of the book and while I loved both I think I liked the audiobook just a little bit better.
    My TTT.

  10. I'm a reader that doesn't often like Religion in books. For some reason it just doesn't do well for me in books. However, I really loved The Girl of Fire and Thorns. I liked how the religion was a tiny part of the overall plot. For me it felt more like she had special powers instead of being a chosen one from God. But that also could be the paranormal freak in me.
    Old follower
    my TTT

  11. I've read and liked/really liked/loved the first five books on your list, so I'm thinking you probably will too. I'm most worried about how you'll feel about The Girl of Fire and Thorns because of the whole religious thing.

    I'm with you on being nervous about Taken (because I love Erin lots). It's been getting interesting reactions from readers, so that makes me curious and a little scared. We shall see.

    I hope you like Anna! I really did, but I love Lola more. And I totally get the Sarah Dessen bit.

    As for Tamora Pierce, it still breaks my heart that not a lot of people like the Emelan series. It's seriously SO GOOD! Younger, sure, but still good!

    (P.S. I must be a robot because I didn't cry reading Code Name Verity or The Fault in Our Stars, which were guaranteed to make me sob.)

  12. Oh my god you have to read Unearthly. Trust me: it's not the story you think it is. Compared to the other angel-themed YA books, this book is different from the rest. Different in a good way.

    The Girl of Fire and Thorns is one I've been meaning to get around to but haven't. -crosses fingers- Maybe one day!

  13. Girl of Fire and Thorns definitely has religious undertones - and kind of weird ones - but I liked it enough to keep going and loved the second one. But I wouldn't let it scare you. I have some Tamora Pierce from the library right now and am also avoiding it...

  14. Me Before You is also on my list. I know that it is a great book but something has been stopping me from getting to it.

    My TTT: http://www.bookythoughtsandme.com/top-ten-most-intimidating-books/

  15. Yeah, you see that first little cluster of books? I may have to put a hold on our friendship until you read them.

    No, just kidding. I wouldn't do that!

    However, you should read them. I guarantee you will love them. ADORE them! I stake my reputation on it!

  16. I had a really hard time coming up with books for this week's TTT, but checking out everyone else's posts, is making me realize how many I've forgotten. Such as VA, Scorpio Races and The Girl of Fire and Thorns. Hehe. We definitely have some fears in common.

  17. #4... I had very similar reservations. If you can, listen to it on audio, it was amazing on audio! I'm not usually a fan of audio, but the narrators did such an incredible job. And their accents were made of complete awesome! Can't say enough good things about this one now. It's one of my all-time faves!

  18. Love the way you described why the books intimidate you! Also, I'm all vampired-out so haven't read Vampire Academy series and I'm so glad to see Anna and the French Kiss is on your list.

  19. The Scorpio Races and Vampire Academy are 2 of my fave books. I hope you get to them soon - don't be intimidated :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  20. Vampire Academy. VAMPIRE ACADEMY. You know how much I love love love this series. I will be sads if you don't like it, HOWEVER, I would understand. And anoter HOWEVER: it's not about the vampires really. Well, it is. But the vamp part is one of the less important aspects of this book, and it's more high school drama/political intrigue/life and death situations than blood sucking. So there's that.


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