February 11, 2014

Top Ten Books That Made Me Swoon (45)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
I liked what I did last week with the covers that linked to Goodreads and no text. My reasons for why books made me swoon (like with the crying) are very personal and individual to me and and, well, trying to verbalize and share them will probably turn me into an incoherent mess and no one wants to see that. Also, I'd had to put any spoilers out there in the world, and crying and swoons are two categories where spoilers could accidentally fall out of my mouth and into the world and I do not want that. It is bad for blogging business. So here are ten books I absolutely loved that made me swoon. And I hope that you haven't read all of them so you can pick one of them up this Valentines Day, read it, swoon, and totally get where I'm coming from!

And, hey, look! I didn't cheat this week! I also tried really hard to make sure last week's list and this week's list didn't overlap. It wasn't easy. I find that the books that make me cry also contain a lot of swoons. I think it's because the emotion's just really high in both the crying and the swooning books. So. Also, some of these authors really know how to turn up the heat. Like, guys, I am sweating over here and there is snow outside.

Oh, and, I know I'm not giving reasons this week, but I'd like to state that I picking This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen over all of the other fantastic Dessen books out there because This Lullaby - nay, Dexter - was my first. I still remember lying in bed, reading that book, and squirming and squealing all over the place with the cuteness. I love Owen, Wes, and Norman as well, but, like, well, Dexter. For him I will always hate Spinnerbait.

**Please note: some of these are not firsts in their series. If you do end up picking up one of these and you've never heard of it, please do a little research first!**

What do you think of this week's swoons? Let me know which ones you've read and which ones you're now going to read because I swooned so hard. And leave me links to YOUR lists in the comments below because I always need swoony book recs, especially of the realistic fiction stand-alone variety.