February 2, 2014

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 30

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
So, how does this work, super sleuths? Go check out the Watch-Along kick off post for the skinny. I'll give you a second just in case...

All caught up? Good.

In case you already know the basics and just forgot what episodes are up today, here's the list:
  • "Postgame Mortem"
  • "Mars Bars"
And for NEXT WEEK:
  • "Papa's Cabin"
  • "Un-American Graffiti"

So after a brief hiatus, WE'RE BACK TO THE GOOD STUFF.

So there are three main plot lines in this episode:
1. Logan being sad, Dick running off to Vegas to marry this girl whose little sister is staying with Logan, and said little girl staying with Logan while this all goes down.
2. The coach of Wallace's basketball team is murdered and the coach's kid is up for it. Veronica and Keith are up to prove him innocent.
3. Dean O'Dell's murder.

1. Oh Logan. Oh. I mean, I'm sad for Veronica because she's sad and Logan did sleep with Madison, but Logan is taking this so poorly. They were broken up and I get it's Madison but ugh. I'm so sad all over the place about this. However, Dick is being an awesome friend/roommate about this. So. Points for Dick - even though he does run off to get married to some hot girl in Vegas and leave Logan with a little girl. Less admirable, but it's Dick, so what are you gonna do? I like Heather, though. She's precious and unassuming and she somehow fixes Logan. How does she fix Logan? I love her and him so much. They should be BFFs forever and ever.

2. So this basketball coach has been murdered and his son is being accused because they fight sometimes? I'm not totally clear on how Sheriff Lamb operates. Like, does he even want to actually solve crimes? Can Keith please be sheriff again? Please? But Veronica and Keith are on the case. With a little help from Weevil. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Weevil? Because I love him. I what I don't love is this basketball teammate guy pointing the finger at Josh for the murder of his father. Something nefarious is going on here, especially now that we know the coach's car was driven into the ocean.

3. Is Keith going to drop Dean O'Dell's case? IS THERE MORE. *taps chin* *loves the continuing subplot*

1. YES. LOGAN. PLEASE POUR YOUR HEART OUT TO VERONICA AGAIN BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T LISTEN TO YOUR VOICEMAIL. Also:  HEATHER I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING THE PHONE CALL FOR LOGAN. I CANNOT STAND THE CUTENESS HERE. But, seriously, Heather, you're so sweet. I just wish Veronica could get over herself for LoVe's sake. But Logan, you shouldn't yell at this little girl. She's just trying to help in her adorable, product of a broken home kind of way - AND SHE DOES. She. Does. She helps Logan even though none of this is even the slightest bit fair.

3. Okay, so I like this development of the season's subplot (AKA the Dean's murder), but I want to go back to the Josh plot line. Are we so close to solving that case that we're ignoring it and dealing with this? (I don't hate that we're dealing with the subplot, but is now the time? Really?)

2. So Veronica brings Josh cookies and books. COOKIES AND BOOKS. What more could someone in jail want? Aside from, y'know, FREEDOM.

Okay, so I accept that we spent a lot of the last episode dealing with the Dean's murder and not Josh's thing because, SURPRISE, this one's a two parter. That ends up with Veronica in jail because she apparently helped Josh escape from jail? So she did provide FREEDOM, if not in the way I wanted her to...

Oh, and we're working with the same number system as the last episode. Except number 1 is just about the Logan plot line, nothing about Heather anymore.

2. So Josh is missing and Veronica's in jail. Oops.

3. Landry's mad he's under scrutiny for the Dean's murder, Lamb's taking Keith seriously about this Dean being murdered thing... honestly, this show is throwing all kinds of punches and I love it.

1. LOGAN VISITED VERONICA IN JAIL AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH FOR IT. I also love that he took a picture of Veronica in jail.

Is it clear yet that I love Logan a lot?
2. Josh has gone off the deep end. He's kidnapped this kid and now he wants to leave the country this is all so messed up I cannot even.

1. Parker, Mac, and Mac's boyfriend have made Logan join Valentines Day scavenger hunt. This is seems particularly unpromising. Or, maybe promising for the giggles. Which is it - super promising for giggles. Logan gets some laughing done, has a good day... And I love that, but also kind of miss brooding Logan. I'm honestly so conflicted.

3. Okay. The Dean was killed an hour later than we thought and the Dean's wife's ex-husband's fingerprints were found on the Dean's keyboard, which is a little weird because the Dean did type his suicide note. But then we find out Cliff is a much better lawyer than Lamb is Sheriff (who's really all that surprised here), so getting to the truth of the matter on this one might be difficult.

1. So Josh's dad was really sick and was going to die. Meanwhile, his wife thought he was cheating and took out more life insurance, which makes it look like she had her husband killed. Meanwhile, Josh is going to get this coins so he can run away to Mexico. But, really, Josh's mom didn't kill her husband, nor did Josh kill his dad. But the dad killed himself, knowing the wife had upped the health insurance and would get more money if it look like he'd died in a car accident.

3. The Dean's wife's ex-husband is making trouble. Which leads to Lamb shooting a mirror and then getting hit in the head with a baseball bat - a blow that kills him and leads to Keith being installed as interim Sheriff. And then Sacks shoots the ex-husband dead. Totally unexciting, really. And then Weevil finds some bloody gloves that belong to Hank Landry in the flue. More non-exciting things, am I right?

Okay, poppets, that's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the two-episode long mini-mystery with Josh & absolutely abhorred any & all flirting between Logan & Parker (as I did). Please leave thoughts/excitement about the upcoming movie (!!) in the comments below!