June 24, 2014

Blog Tour Review: Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

Today I get to host the blog tour for DOLLHOUSE by Anya Allyn! I'm very excited about this because I just finished this book and it is creepy. Like, dolls, dress up, kidnapping, murder, monsters... creepy.


Okay. Now that you're all very prepared to be very creeped out we can get on with the business.

What's DOLLHOUSE ABOUT? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Title: Dollhouse
Author: Anya Allyn
Release Date: May 20th, 2014
Publisher: The Studio at Paper Lantern Lit
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It isn’t nice to play games.

Cassie knows coveting her best friend’s boyfriend is practically a cardinal sin. So when Aisha disappears, Cassie fears it’s her fault for even thinking of Ethan that way.

As the chemistry between them escalates, Cassie and Ethan discover a secret they never would have imagined: a hidden mansion in the mist-enshrouded mountains, where Aisha and several other girls are being held as dolls by a handsome young man who they call The Provider.

Torn between her forbidden feelings for Ethan, and her intense, unexpected attraction to The Provider, Cassie must overcome temptation. Because it turns out that even good girls can be drawn to dark things… and the game between Cassie and The Provider has only just begun, in this tantalizing start to an incredible series.

It's like I said above, really. This book is an incredibly creepy thing filled with twists and turns that'll probably keep you up far later than you want to and renew your fear of all of the things from dolls, clowns, the dark... and probably all of the other things you forgot you were ever afraid of. And I say this as a person who, as a kid, was never actually afraid of any of these things. 

But for the specifics... 

When Aisha goes missing into the depths of the forest, our main character, Cassie feels the guilt. But that's pretty human, since Aisha ran off because Cassie is constantly making eyes at Aisha's boyfriend, Ethan.

All of this seems very human and dramatic and exciting, but it quickly turns into something much more sinister when Ethan becomes a suspect in Aisha's disappearance. Ethan decides to head into the forest to find Aisha, and Cassie and another girl, Lacey insist on joining him. As they search this mysterious house in the forest, they get caught in the Dollhouse. This is where they find Aisha and a bunch of other kidnapped girls. It's also where very, very bad things happen - including the renewed fear of dolls, clowns, the dark, and other things.

The problem is: the Dollhouse really only has an entrance. No exit. The question now? Can Cassie, Ethan, Aisha, Lacey and the rest find their way out before the Dollhouse - and their own drama - trap them forever?

The way this book layers the individual issues (Cassie, Aisha, Ethan, and even their captor's dark secrets) is complex and quite clever. The surprises shocked me and made me thankful for all of the food and light and freedom in my life. If you like a good thrill with paranormal flair you should definitely download this book to your e-reader.

And in case you need a visual on the terror levels of this book, check out this here book trailer...

(The visual really is pretty freaking scary, isn't it?)

Photo © Tim Carter

About Anya Allyn:
Anya Allyn grew up in Sydney, Australia, and now lives by the beach on The Central Coast. She spends her days with five incredibly cool males - four of whom are her kids. As a child, she could be found reading, sketching comic strips or fainting during choir practice in her school convent. She has worked in entertainment, web content, and most recently as a Features' Editor for Fairfax Media in Australia. Dollhouse is her first novel.

I hope you all read this post and the book it's about during daylight hours. I also hope all of this didn't scare you too much. (Kidding, I hope it's nighttime and you're very scared because that's who I am.) But let me know just how scared in the comments below!