December 3, 2013

Top Ten 2014 STANDALONE Releases I'm Dying to Read (40)

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So a couple weeks ago Top Ten Tuesday asked me to make a list of Top Ten "Shut Up and Give it to Me Now" Sequels. Obviously, I did that. (And I thought up 10 really REALLY AMAZING books for that list.) The problem now is that most of the books on that list come out in 2014 and I'd hate to be repetitive. Therefore, if you want to know what 2014 SEQUEL releases I'm freaking out over, please click that link (I'll also have a recap list at the bottom of this post, so you can also scroll down). But for RIGHT NOW I'm gonna do a 2014 STANDALONE Release list.

Also, for the record, these are listed by release date. So.

I'm not even totally sure I know what this is about. I just know I want it.

This is one of those books that my friends (since I have two who've already read it) have hyped up for me. I hope it lives up to the hype. But even if it doesn't I like my twitter interactions with Julie Murphy enough to make up for it. (No, just kidding, I'll like it.)

It's books like this that honestly make me question whether or not I'm a sociopath. (The answer is no, I love puppies and babies too much - along with being overly emotional in general - I'm just intrigued by murder. Because who could even do that?)

This is another book where I don't have to know what it's about to know I want it in my life ASAP. So.

I'M SORRY, A ROMANCE SET DURING A NYC BLACKOUT PLEASE MAY I HAVE IT IMMEDIATELY. (Also, note how this book and number 4 on this list are coming out on the same day. It's pretty much going to be the Day of Contemporary that Tuesday. Or, the Day of GIVE ME ALL THE BOOKS RIGHT NOW.)

This book sounds all kinds of angst and miserable. *GRABBY HANDS*

So this book is interesting because, first of all, it sounds like it's about a girl who's going to have to WORK/prove herself to get the guy she wants (which is the opposite of the usual) and, second of all, it sounds like it's going to be light and fun while also being vaguely emotional. I'll probably save this one for summer and read it on the beach. YAY BEACH.

This sounds like it's gonna be super fun and hilarious. Also, it's Harlequin, so I'm kind of automatically expecting swoons (even though it doesn't sound swoony). Either way, this is probably another beach book. YAY. BEACH.

Confession Time: I've never read an E. Lockhart book. I have two of them on my shelves, but I haven't read. This book is on my list anyway because, again, I have friends who've read and loved. So I trust them. Also it sounds awesome. 


If I really need to explain this you should probably get off my blog right now. (Or read my review of FANGIRL.)

Here are the two 2014 standalone releases I've already read because I'm impatient. I loved them and I think you will too. 

10. WINTER by Marissa Meyer (2015) - yes I know this comes out in 2015, but I've already read CRESS (it's amazing) and it is the last book I stuck in this post so...

So. What are YOU waiting for? Let me know in the comments below!