December 1, 2013

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 28

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
So, how does this work, super sleuths? Go check out the Watch-Along kick off post for the skinny. I'll give you a second just in case...

All caught up? Good.

In case you already know the basics and just forgot what episodes are up today, here's the list:
  • "Spit and Eggs"
  • "Show Me the Monkey"
And for NEXT WEEK:
  • "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves"
  • "There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill"

Let us begin.

So this episode starts at the end. Looks like we're in for a wild ride.

LOGAN IS BREAKING UP WITH VERONICA AND HE'S PRETTY MUCH CRYING AND I'M IN PIECES ON THE FLOOR GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD. (Although it's about time he broke up with her. This was such a long time coming don't even pretend to be surprised, Veronica.)

Dean O'Dell thinks his wife is cheating. Not totally wrong. He's just wrong about who the wife is cheating with. But it eventually comes to light. Because Veronica owns up to what's going on with her dad - who's been hired to find out what's up here.

Okay. Veronica. You are crying in the shower and I know you're sad because Logan broke up with you but really. What did you think was going to happen? What? I don't even know. You've been so insane regarding him.

Yeah, I'm done caring about your feelings, Veronica. 
So this guy comes to the Dean's office and tells him to reinstitute the Greek system or he'll take away all his donation money. Dean O'Dell then un-bans the Greeks and his car gets egged. These Lillith House girls really want to get kicked out of school. Really insane.

Tim Foyle, the TA, is also investigating the rapes and he's really creepy about it. He's also Lucky (from back in the Neptune High days), which is still terribly annoying to me. It's like, I understand needing a job, but it's the same face.

It's GREEK PARTY TIME. Obviously they didn't buy the rape test coasters the Dean told them to. Because why would they ever do what they're supposed to? (But honestly, I feel like this show gives Greek life a really bad rep, which is terrible since they're not all bad.) Also, what's with this band, Greek life? So weird. Get me a DJ immediately. Also, get me out of this place where Logan and Veronica are encountering each other for the first time post break-up and the sad smolder is too much for me.

Okay. This rape case is getting serious. There's a girl who's drugged and Veronica knows who she is. So she goes and takes her place, finds out the rapist is Mercer and SHIZZ GETS REALLY FREAKING REAL. (Also, I love this song. Mercer's not wrong about techno. He's wrong about absolutely everything else, but not techno.) I think Veronica's one flaw here is that she went to stop Mercer on her own. I mean, how dumb to you have to be? Did you not just get drugged? Is this not exactly why Logan broke up with you? You might stab Mercer in the thigh with a unicorn horn, but you also punched yourself in the face by going at it alone.

And then: THE RA LOCKS VERONICA IN HIS ROOM AFTER FEEDING HER LACED TEA I MEAN WHAT EVEN. Who every thought nerdy afro boy would be BFF with Mercer? Also, it's the RA with all the hair? Groooooss. But I'm absolutely in love with the fact that Parker hears the rape whistle and stops Mercer. So perfect. I also obviously love when Logan gets himself arrested so he can kick Mercer's ass. DAS RIGHT. DAS. RIGHT.

And the Dean is dead.

The end.

Veronica: "Hey, handsome."
Dick: "Shh. Not in front of the old man. He's the jealous type."

Piz: "Hey, gang. What's the word? Is it "avuncular"?"

Veronica: "Going somewhere?"
Keith: "Oh, very good, number-one daughter. You might make a detective yet."

Veronica: "Howdy, boys. Anyone up for going to a Pi Sig blow-out? Beer and ladies and music and other stuff guys like, I'm sure. Fast cars, loose slots, electronic gadgetry, televised sports, pornography. Nothing? None of this grabs you?"

Mac: "Are you freaking kidding me? The Pi Sig mega apocalypse? Hump the furniture, party back to the Stone Age, fifty-keg bacchanalia?"
Veronica: "Sounds fun, right?"
Mac: "Will they let me in? I think all the glitter has come off my porn star tube top."

Fast forward six weeks from when the Dean killed himself and Veronica was almost raped. But now the rape arc is over and we're onto this murder arc. I'm underwhelmed because usually the major story arc goes the whole season, but this is college so I guess things are different? I am pleased we're getting back to the episodic little mysteries like the one in the science lab.

I'm really mad at Veronica for being all pouty about Logan still. Get off my lawn, Veronica.

So this monkey lab case has led Veronica and Mac to a People for Human Animal Treatment meeting. It's hilarious because Mac makes fun of the group to the guy who leads it. But I like this guy, so we'll see how it goes.

Dean O'Dell didn't kill himself because he didn't drink his good booze. Good detective work Papa Mars. Also, crazy that Veronica's plan the perfect murder paper kind of describes how Dean O'Dell was killed. Which makes me feel like Tim's the murderer. Because, please, do professors really read their students' essays? (The answer is: If there's a TA, no, probably not.)

And fast forward to Dick offering Logan post-break up advice. I'm not going to like any of this, am I? Yeah - nope.

So then Veronica and Mac try and get closer to this animal protection club by playing a prank on this pro-guns guy and that's funny. It leads to getting "initiated" into the club, which really means getting pranked. Then there's this Around the World Party where all the dorm rooms are countries and Mac and Parker quickly become Canada because the cute president of the animal club said he'll come to see Mac. He almost doesn't but then he does and Mac denies him a kiss because NERVES. Veronica strikes out majorly with the men and then we get to see Logan topless on the beach (we all know that's the only important thing here, right?).

This is not the topless scene in question, but you're welcome all the same.
Back to Veronica, Mac, Parker and this boy (Bronson - we'll call him by his name): The boy has a girl over who we immediately assume is a girlfriend but is really a sister (obvs). Then we find the missing rats but they were dropped off, not stolen? Interesting. 

Beach chick from half-naked Logan's surfing adventure just wanted to hook up with Aaron Echolls's son. I swear. I'm over this shit happening to Logan.

And Veronica figures out the guy lab tech stole the monkey because he got attached. It was the tea leaves in the hard drive and the shredded papers in the lab rats box left on Bronson's door step. Seems pretty thin to me, but she got the answer.


Get. Away. From. Veronica. Piz. *cries because Logan and Veronica and criiiiies* But actually, it's okay, Piz, keep talking, because you got Logan and Veronica back together oh thank God because Logan was making me so sad I almost couldn't stand it.

And then Keith tries to get Landry to admit to he killed Dean O'Dell but Landry knows who Keith is, so, the end.

It is kind of sad for Piz that he thought he was making headway with Veronica but he really wasn't. But then my sadness for him is gone because he's got nothing on Logan. Nothing.

Party Organizer: "So, you're participating now? What about this is Canada?"
Mac: "Uh, our accents. Eh?"

Parker: "Ugh. God, I'm so over that. I don't know what his problem is. I think he has a girlfriend back home. It's a new day. No more games, no more waiting around. I'm ready to be wooed!"
Veronica: "Amen, sister!"

Parker: "So, how's it going?"
Veronica: "I'd say it's boys zero, me zero! Think I'm calling it."

I think the story arc shift between these two episodes happened because the show found itself in trouble. It's kind of the only way to explain the maudlin drama of the second episode and what's about to come. So. I hope you've all got your seatbelt's buckled. It's gonna be a bumped ride to the end. >.<