October 15, 2013

Top Ten Books I Was Forced to Read Due to FOMO (36)

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FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

I suffer from FOMO. A lot. I'll stay up super late, get up crazy early and go totally out of my way to not miss out on something I think is going to be awesome. Or, y'know, just to spend time with my friends and not miss out on any awesome private jokes to be. 

So, obviously, I also suffer from bookish FOMO. I don't want to miss out on the books everyone loves, so sometimes I'll drop everything and pick up whatever has people raving. Obviously this is similar to falling prey to hype, but I think I've gotten pretty good at separating FOMO from the general hype by now. At least when it comes to books. Because I really do skip the hype books that I honestly don't think are for me. So maybe my FOMO books are really just hype books meant for me? This is getting technical and confusing and I just want to blame my compulsion to read this books on FOMO, okay? 

So glad you all approve.

I feel like this one doesn't need an explanation. (My Review)

More of the "no explanation needed" business. (My Review)

Not gonna lie, I picked up this series just after the first trailer for the movie came out. I like to read the books first and I'd heard from a lot of people I trust that the books were phenomenal. They were right. 

Back when Unravel Me was coming out, everyone and their mom was freaking out on Twitter. The premise sounded interesting but I wasn't sure what had everyone raving. I was so afraid I was missing out on the greatest thing since sliced bread that I picked this one. I make good life choices. (My Review)

This one has similar reasoning to numbers 1 and 2 on this list. But also, I read it (and Where She Went) just as the buzz for Just One Day was going around. Everyone seemed to love this mysterious Gayle Forman woman and I wanted in. (And oh, how I am in now. So very in.) (My Review)

All of the fantasy lovers/Tamora Pierce fangirls were all: READ THIS. READ THIS NOW. I was so sure I was missing out on the fantastical that I forced myself to read. I'm not totally sure why I dragged my heels on this one, but I'm glad I finally got my act together. (My Review)

Another fantasy book I was hesitant to start. I don't know why. Ultimately I forced myself to read it because I was afraid I was missing out on something really phenomenal. I was, but I'm better now.

This one's similar to item 4 on this list. I still make good life choices. And not just because Under the Never Sky is great but because Through the Ever Night is even better. (My Review)

I was like: "Cyborg? Cinderella? Neither are so much my favorite." But the raving was deafening so I picked it up. as with Under the Never Sky, Book 1 is great but the following books in the series (Scarlet and Cress - I haven't read Winter yet, obviously) are perfection. (My Review)

Everyone was talking about this "The Darkling" guy and, again, the plot didn't totally do it for me, but I just had to know. I had to know. So I went from ??? to !!! in one sitting. (My Review)

Now that you all know I'm crazy for sure, you should probably just leave some love in the comments below and back away slowly... ;)