June 29, 2013

PierceFest: Dating an Older Guy


Now, if it wasn't made clear to you guys in my reviews of the four books pictures above, I kind of love the romance in this particular quartet. Numair and Daine are one of my favorite couples of all time and the slow build in the first three books totally explodes into what is actually my favorite kissing scene ever. 

But I DO know that some people have a small problem with this extraordinary couple because Numair is kind of 30 whereas Daine is sort of 16... So that makes him twice her age. Part of the reason each of them is reluctant to be with the other is because Numair doesn't want Daine to wake up one day and find herself lying next to an old man and Daine's afraid Numair will turn around and realize he's with a baby. And neither of them wants that to happen because they care for each other SO MUCH as people. 

Numair and Daine makin' out as drawn by GILLIAN WHO'S REALLY TALENTED.
Also, there's kind of the issue that he's her teacher and, well, we know how that ends at lot of the time. (BUT LIKE LOOK AT THAT PICTURE GILLIAN DREW. LOOK AT IT. YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO THAT KIND OF GREATNESS.)

The thing is, while I AM known to have issues with questionable relationships - incest, age differences... I'm cool with it if it's done RIGHT. THAT'S how I feel about Numair and Daine's relationship. Tamora Pierce pieces together this relationship in such a way that I don't FEEL squicky about it. Like, the progression of their relationship WORKS. They don't meet when Daine's 13 and fall in love THEN. They grow together and they're both independent, strong willed, world saving individuals before they confess the love. Not to mention Numair's a scatterbrained, kind, non-taking-advantage-y academic (who has awesome battle magic skills) and Daine's the practical, daughter-of-gods, save everyone's ass type so, like, yeah.

It also totally helps that this is a foreign fantasy realm based kind of on Medieval England (I have most of my squicky issues in present day situations).

But in all seriousness, I will admit to having issues with BIG age differences in real life. Obvs, love who you love and I couldn't care what Joe Shmoe down the street is doing as long as he's happy, but if you're one of my friends and you're telling me you're with a guy who's 15 years older than you, I'm slightly more critical. Like, I want to know the who, what, where, when, why, how's of the whole thing, because I DO recognize that it's about who you are, what the situation is and what the relationship is. But I'm still gonna be critical.

Now, since my opinions don't dictate World Morality, I'd kind of like to know what you guys think. If you've read this series, what are your thoughts on the relationship in question? If you haven't read and you just have THOUGHTS on age difference, let me know about that too. I'm CURIOUS readers, so talk to me in the comments below!

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  1. I haven't ever read a book by Tamora Pierce but I need to with all your enthusiasm about her books.

  2. I AGREEEEEEE. Normally, I find age difference's pretty squicky, especially if the younger one is a teen. But I forgive a lot more in high fantasy, and it's DAINE AND NUMAIR. I MEAN. They are PERFECT. Their love is pure and honest and not one part of it feels inappropriate, though on paper one could misconstrue it. But yes. Three books of slow build, and one book of PERFECT MAKE OUT SCENES. Sighhh.

    <3 You are too sweet about the art. I loves you.

  3. I basically just adore Numair + Daine, and it never bothered me at all that they ended up together in the books. It just made perfect sense! Pierce did an incredible job crafting their relationship that way. (Plus, technically, the boy is 6 years older than me so...)

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