June 25, 2013

PierceFest: Companion Talk


A theme in a lot of Tamora Pierce books is the animal companion. Alanna had Faithful and Moonlight. Daine has Cloud and Kit, to name just two of her animal following. Even Kel has one - but we're not there yet, so we'll hold up on that front.

Now, familiars in magic are pretty standard. But I think what Tamora Pierce proves is that black cats and bunnies are not your only options. Hell, if we're taking Kel into account, you don't even have to have MAGIC to have a strong bond with an animal. You can just HAVE ONE. And it can be great. And it totally doesn't have to be just your standard master-pet situation. It can be so much more than that.

So I think my question here is: Do you have an animal in your life that you have a very special (familiar) bond with? Or maybe you WISH you had one, and if you do wish such a wish, what animal would you want a companion. And y'know what? Even if you have a pet and still want to branch out and have a different magical familiar, what would THAT be?

For me? Well. I think I'd want a phoenix. Like Dumbledore. Not because I love Dumbledore but because phoenixes are awesome. 

Well? What are you waiting for? Go answer all of my companion related questions in the comments below!

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  1. If I could have any animal to be MY companion, it'd be a white tiger, a fox OR a wolf. That's pretty much the list of all my favorite critters EVER :)


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