June 16, 2013

DNF Review: Grim by Anna Waggener

Title: Grim
Author: Anna Waggener 
Release Date: 
June 1st, 2012
Scholastic Inc.
Page Count: 320
Source: ARCycling
Rating: DNF
When Erika wakes up after a horrific car crash, she finds herself somewhere between earth and heaven, between life and death. She doesn’t want to accept help from Jeremiah, who she’s not sure she can trust, even as she finds herself drawn to him, following him into a grim city of souls. She’s not sure who wants to help her and who wants to hurt her. And she’s desperate to get back to her children.

Shawn’s never thought about having to shoulder the responsibility of caring for his young sister Megan and his reckless older sister. And he never imagined that the three of them would find themselves in a haunted wood, sometimes chased, sometimes assisted, never sure where they’re headed.

With Grim, the terrifically talented Anna Waggener delves into the place where myth becomes reality, where family can distort you as easily as it cares for you, where death and eternity meet.

[Summary Source: Goodreads]
So the summary of this book is totally up my alley. It's maybe not totally YA? But it was offered up on ARCycling and I was CURIOUS. Therefore, I grabbed it. 

I'm really sorry to say this one just wasn't for me. I liked the story with the kids, the bit in the real world. I thought the way they dealt with the grief of losing their mother was fairly brilliant. I just got really stuck on everything with the mom. She was where? Doing what? With who? I don't understand at all and I just couldn't get past that kind of confusion. 

Which is when I put this book down. I was maybe 40-50 pages in when I realized this back and forth just didn't work for me. The book distracted me and put me to sleep and I really had ZERO desire to keep going. So I finally decided to DNF this book. 

Am I still a little curious as to what the what is going on in this book? Yeah. Will I ever pick it up again? I really don't know. I really did enjoy the kids' story and would like to know what happens to them, but I'm really not sure if that'll be enough to make me give it another go.

Have you picked this one up? Yes? No? If yes, tell me what happened? Or maybe if it's worth it for me to give this one another try? PLEASE. TALK TO ME AND ALAY MY FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).