May 26, 2013

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 10

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
So, how does this work, super sleuths? Go check out the Watch-Along kick off post for the skinny. I'll give you a second just in case...

All caught up? Good.

In case you already know the basics and just forgot what episodes are up today, here's the list:
  • "Kanes and Abel's"
  • "Weapons of Class Destruction"
And, for NEXT WEEK:
  • "Hot Dogs"
  • "M.A.D."

PLEASE NOTE: Next week GILLIAN from WRITER OF WRONGS will be taking over the Watch-Along. When I had Judith do it, it was because I was traveling lots. Next week Gillian's doing it because I'm super busy with BEA, high school reunions (yeah, you all want to know how THAT'S gonna go) and the start of my summer program. Now, Gillian's ALSO going to BEA, so this plan's a little flawed, but, well, what can you do?

That being said, I'm obviously going to close out the end of season 1 for you guys, but if anyone wants to take on ANY of season 2, please let me know! If there's a specific episode(s) you want, I could probably arrange that. Just let me know! I feel like guest Watch-Along posters shakes things up and I like shaking-things-up-shenanigans.

AND NOW, my pumpkincakes, onto the GLORIOUS recaps of these two wonderful episodes...



Yeah. I'm EXCITED. More on this later. 

DUNDUNDUN on the Amelia DeLongpre front. But seriously, how was she so cool with all of this? College kids during exams aren't all that herd-able. If ever. I would have more questions, to be sure, but either way, I guess this pushes the Lilly's murder story-line along. Until, of course, that comes to a screeching halt. WIEDMAN. WHY. EVERY TIME. STOP BEING SO GOOD AT YOUR JOB. 

Other mysteries of note: 
  • Rich girl wins scholarship even AFTER being harassed so she'd fail her exams by the father of the poor kid who also deserve the scholarship. I mean, it's not fair that she's being harassed, but sucks for Hamilton Cho, right? Either way, V was crazy clever to put a second camera in Vinnie's office in order to get THE FACTS.
  • The school bombing plot with Jonathan Taylor Thomas Ben, the ATF agent. I actually really like this episode not just because HELLO WITH THE KISSING, but also because you really get to school a GOOD TEACHER in action, even though she ends up getting fired. But like, yeah. GOOD TEACHER. And V does some pretty solid school-related PI work. 
  • WHERE IS DUNCAN. I mean, I don't know how much I care since we all know I'm not his biggest fan, but still. Kid ran away. This is a mystery.

Veronica has a file and we're getting close to the end here, so let's make our own: 
  • Mr. Kane: Perhaps he did catch Lilly in a compromising position and freaked out, accidentally killing her.
  • Mrs. Kane: Woman seems to REALLY HATE her daughter. So yeah. That's not great news for her case. 
  • Duncan: He can't even remember that day and he flies into rage-y fits for no reason. IN FACT, he flew into a rage-y just a little bit before Lilly died, according to Logan. Who's not telling V things you wouldn't tell someone you didn't trust. So Logan trust V? WHICH IS GOOD BECAUSE NOW THEY ARE KISSING. 
  • Logan: Alibi-ed out. For real.
  • Weevil: Maybe he got angry because Lilly was thinking about leaving him?
There are also a lot of other major/minor characters in play here, but I think these are the 5 that I could conceivably see ACCIDENTALLY killing Lilly. Not purposefully. Although, each of these characters has already kinda had a finger pointed at them over the course of the show in one way or another and this show seems more clever than that, so...

Is there anyone else you can think of?

The Butler?
Veronica: "On the bright side, if our parents get hitched we could have bunk beds and stay up all night talking."
Wallace: "You're truly sick."
"I've always wanted a little brother I could dress up like a little doll."

Lol. Yes. Bunk beds. 

Logan: "Dream on, Jump Street, I'm not leaving you alone with her."

I love a good Johnny Depp Jump Street reference. 

Norris: "So, this is my weapon collection."
Veronica: "You must feel really safe at night. When the dragons come." 


V really has a one track mind. Proof? That whole fight she had with Wallace about his mom and her mom. That was really terrible all around. I mean, I also can't believe Alicia and Keith are dating. Or rather, I guess it was inevitable, but I hate it a little BECAUSE it was inevitable. I hope that made sense. 

Anyway, it's a big problem that Keith doesn't know Lianne's in rehab. But I care less about that because V actually let her pops help her on the Amelia DeLongpre front. Which is not always how she does stuff. But, well, Wiedman DID break into their house, so maybe it's legit that she's letting her dad help her FOR ONCE. I also like when they sit down and look at Lilly's file together. That was nice. 

Although I will say, V's still a little too reckless for my heart to handle. She just followed that ATF guy. She thought he was a potential murderer and she FOLLOWED HIM. And then she goes to the house of the guy the ATF agent thinks is the actual murderer because the new potential murder subject thinks V's a honey? I actually can't imagine what goes on in V's head. I can't.

  • Duncan: And he's missing. I don't know why he was all moody all of the sudden in that episode. His later freakout made sense, what with V kind of insinuated that he killed his sister. I think I'd be pretty disturbed too. But either way, I don't miss his face.
  • Logan: He knows V's investigating everyone and aside from telling Duncan he's actually pretty cool with it. And then he tries to give V money for investigating his mother's death. Which gets me sobbing anew. THEN I GET ALL CRAZY HAPPY BECAUSE THEY KIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSED.
  • Leo: Not getting a lot of airtime, but he's CUTE. And well meaning. And quippy. And CUTE. So even though this clearly isn't going anywhere now that V and Logan have kissed, I still think he's adorable. 
  • Weevil: I don't know why I added him in here because he's not really in these episodes, but I can't help myself. 
  • Wallace: It's really awkward to consider Wallace and V could be siblings. They already kind of act like it, but still. Weird. I do like how protective he is of his mom. Absolutely adorable. 



Let's break this down.

The episode starts and V and Logan are all smiley and joke and adorbs. He clear trusts her and she... well... I dunno. She sees he has a sensitive, vulnerable side and, because she eavesdrops on private conversations with shrinks, she knows why Logan got all mad at her after Lilly died. But now he trusts her again and she understands him. My only issue is... does she trust him? Or has he just not given her a reason to NOT trust him yet? 


Logan hear V's in trouble. He hunts her down and saves her life. Unnecessarily. And then she walks out of the motel room and they KISS. Logan's face is all intense, Veronica's all scared bunny rabbit, I'm jumping up and down in my seat because IT FEELS SO RIGHT. And he's so cute. Ugh. Find me a boy whose face looks like that - intense, smirky, adorable and otherwise - and I will be A HAPPY GIRL. 

  • Vinnie Van Lowe: A huge annoyance and a jerk, but an entertaining huge annoyance and jerk. 
It's really only Vinnie but he seems like an exciting side character. AND we get to see more of Mac - kind of unnecessarily too, which gives me the impression that she's sticking around. So. Yay!

  • Pete from "Weapons of Class Destruction" also played Henry in What I Like About You - that TV show with Jennie Garth and Amanda Bynes. Y'know, back in the good ol', sane Amanda Bynes days.
  • Vinnie Van Lowe is played by Ken Marino. He also showed up in Dawson's Creek. He played Joey's professor/love interest in season 5.
  • JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS. He's the voice of Simba, an incarnation of Tom Sawyer and one of 3 boys in Home Improvement. We all know his face and now we can also associate him with Veronica Mars.
Well, that's all from me this week. Did you LOVE these last two episods the way I did? WHAT ABOUT THAT KISS? I definitely need to freak out with EVERYONE about that, so leave me a comment below and I'll see you in time for the Season 1 finale! 


    That's all.

  2. The KISS <33333 every time I saw it!!! <33333
    Logan is soooo cute :)

  3. WEAPONS OF CLASS DESTRUCTION IS MY FAVORITE EPISODE OF ALL BECAUSE HELLO KISSING okay breathe. This plan for me to do next week's episodes is SUPER flawed, but I'm super excited. So. I cackled at all the kiss-related celebration gifs, by the way. DEFINITELY something worth celebrating. And Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Hilarious, right? Awesome.

    *scrolls back to watch kiss gifs again* Mmmm.

  4. Logan Echolls is the boy every girl wanted in high school. Heck, he's the boy that adult women get all nostalgic about. FUCK. I just love Logan Echolls.


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