May 12, 2013

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 8

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
Hi! I am not Gaby. Gaby is actually on a plane on her way back to NYC when I'm writing this, and I thought this was the perfect time for me to break into her blog and meet you all. I'm Judith, G's friend from across the pond, book blogger and overall slightly crazy person. I'm also a Veronica Mars addict. You hear me: ADDICT. I started watching after the awesome kickstarter thing and you guys, I just can't get enough of Logan this show. So when Gaby asked me to take over the watch-along for the week, I was basically like this:

I'm honored that she's allowed me to all caps and keyboard slam all over her pretty blog. But there will be more of that later. Let's get down to business. I tried to do everything like Gaby does, because I know you miss her. What is this watch-along about? In case you have been living under a rock for a few weeks, check out the introduction post!

For this week, we watched:
  • "Lord of the Bling"
  • "Mars vs Mars"
And for NEXT WEEK, we're watching:
  • "Ruskie Business"
  • "Betty and Veronica"
So what has happened in episode 13 and 14? A lot, I tell you, A LOT.

In “Lord of the Bling” we find out that V and Lilly’s ex-friend Yolanda is missing. Keith is hired by Yolanda’s dad to get her back, but of course, V is there to help. This mystery is a bit tricky, and it looks like Yolanda was kidnapped at first. But thank goodness V is her natural, brilliant self and discovers that Yolanda just ran off with some guy.

And then there’s Logan and his mom’s funeral and I AM NOT CRYING I SWEAR. As it turns out, his mom left him a lighter she always carried around with her and now – is she actually dead? At the end of the episode LOGAN SHOWS UP AT VERONICA’S DOOR and I freaked out a little because hello, it’s Logan, and he’s so sad and I want to hug him and this is me:

And then we have “Mars vs. Mars”, which I loved. It starts off with student Carrie Bishop who accuses Veronica’s favorite teacher of having had an affair with her and having made her pregnant. After that, Carrie’s parents hire Keith to prove this. But V, believing her teacher, tries to prove his innocence. However, the dude is a little creepy when Veronica goes to visit him and as it turns out, Carrie was just covering for her friend, who it DID happen to. Ew. Go away, creepy teacher.

  • Yolanda is the reason that Logan and Lilly broke up JUST before Lilly was murdered, because she kissed Logan and V told Lilly.
  • Veronica finds footage of Logan’s mom jumping into the river, but THEN finds out that one of her credit cards has been used. WHAT?
  • Veronica sneaks into Duncan's doctor’s office and finds out that Duncan has epilepsy and has violent fits and OMG. Did he kill Lilly? 
  • V ALSO finds out that Abel Koontz is dying and that he didn’t kill Lilly Kane and MORE OMG. Crazy things happened in this episode.

  • In “Lord of the Bling” Veronica talked about Yolanda and said “We used to be friends, a long time ago” JUST before the theme song starts to play. You, as a total VMars addict by now, obviously know that it’s the title song.
  • Gossip queen Carrie Bishop in “Mars vs. Mars” is played by no other than Gossip Girl queen Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester, which Is pretty awesome.


Logan: “Okay, what are you going to stop me with?”
Veronica: “Force of will, strength of character, tenacity, karate chop…”


Keith: “Honey? If I were in trouble, I’d want you on my side.”
Veronica: “Well, that’s where I’d be.”

Okay, not that hilarious, but say it with me: AWWWW. I love Keith and Veronica’s relationship – most of the time.

Wallace: “If you are caught with this, I will disavow any knowledge of you or your mission. You'll be on your own.”
Veronica: “Don't worry. I've got a cyanide capsule in a false tooth. If I'm caught, I'll do the honorable thing.”

Can we all just agree that the Wallace/Veronica friendship is the best thing ever and does not need to be messed up by some sort of romancy thing? *crosses fingers and hopes it doesn't happen*

  • Weevil: We don’t see that much of Weevil, unfortunately because he’s one of my favorites. I love his friendship with Veronica. But he is absent in the first episode and barely present in the second. Don’t worry, Weevil, I STILL LOVE YA.
  • Leo: Obviously Leo (HI SCHMIDT) is pissed off that V used him, but he’s still a little weird and cute and she apologizes and he forgives her and everything is adorable. I like Leo. I do. It’s just… LOGAN IS RIGHT THERE.
  • Duncan: *yawns* Oh wait, Duncan was actually quite interesting this episode. Veronica finds out that he has epilepsy and this leads to new questions like OMG did he kill his own sister with one of his fits?! He pretty much does nothing besides this and trying to look important, like we’ve come to expect from him. Like I said, *yawn*.
disgust photo disgust.gif
  • Logan: POOR LOGAN. His ex-girlfriend has been murdered, his father is an abusive jerk who clearly finds himself more important than his wife’s death, and his mother jumped off a bridge. Or not? We don’t know. All I know is that I love it when Veronica and Logan work together and that Logan deserves a big hug and I JUST LOVE HIM OKAY. SO MUCH.

Tell us! Do you want to hug Logan too? And do you think Duncan killed his own sister? Or is it still Abel Koontz? Or maybe someone else entirely?