May 1, 2013

Pierce Fest Kick-Off!

Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, bloggers and booklovers, booksellers and book connoisseurs – welcome to PierceFest!

What is PierceFest?

PierceFest is the brainchild of a conversation between me, Alexa (of Alexa Loves Books), Gillian (of Writer of Wrongs) and Rachel (of Rachel Reads). We bonded over our mutual love for Tamora Pierce and her books, and started reminiscing about the good old days when we devoured every novel she had to offer us. Even though Ms. Pierce is a well-known name, we certainly felt like it would be a fun idea to celebrate Tamora Pierce and her amazing novels – and thus, PierceFest was born!

During PierceFest, we will be celebrating all the books Ms. Pierce has written that have been published so far (and that’s a grand total of 27, not including her short story collection). Each month, one of the hosts will be spotlighting a series on her blog. There will be reviews, discussion posts, polls and other special and fun posts! There will also be one amazing giveaway (which you’ll find out more about later). 

What does the schedule look like?

PierceFest will be running from May-September, finishing up in time for the release of Battle Magic in October. The actual schedule is as follows:

May: Kick-off Post (this is it!) + Song of the Lioness quartet (hosted by Gillian)
June: The Immortals quartet (hosted by Gaby - that's ME, y'know, in case you forgot where you are)
July: Circle of Magic/Circle Opens/Circle Reforged (hosted by Alexa)
August: Protector of the Small (hosted by Rachel)
September: Trickster duo/Beka Cooper trilogy + Wrap-up Post (all 4 blogs)

How can I participate?

The easy answer to this, of course, is to read along with us as we tackle each series! If you’re a Pierce newbie, then this will be the perfect time for you to start reading the series and getting to know her work. And if you’re a long-time Pierce fan, this will be a fun avenue to discuss the books and the characters and the general awesomeness that surrounds Tamora Pierce! Either way, we hope you join us. You can use the official hashtag #PierceFest when chatting on Twitter about all things Tamora Pierce – we’ll be around and ready to chat with you!

If you’re interested in participating in the event in a contributor capacity, please feel free to send an email. For general inquiries and the like, you can email Alexa [ alexalovesbooks (at) gmail (dot) com ]. For specific series info or interest, you can email the various hosts in charge of each series.

Is there a giveaway?

As mentioned, we will be hosting this big giveaway in honor of this most amazing author!


1 set of any Tamora Pierce series (which is, at max, FOUR books)


1. The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY, as long as Book Depository ships to you.
2. All entries will be verified, so please do not forget to include the correct information.
3. Winner will be contacted as soon as they are chosen. They will have 48 hours to respond with the pertinent information, or their win will be forfeit and another will be chosen.
4. The bloggers will not be held responsible for condition or timeliness of the book shipment, as they are being shipped by a third party organization. Please note that we will try to keep you informed of the status of your prize.

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We sincerely hope you'll join us in celebrating our love of all things Tamora Pierce during PierceFest. It's bound to be lots of fun!

Don't just take our word for it!

We're not the only huge Tamora Pierce fans out in the blogging community. It's wonderful to realize that there are so many of us who love her. Here's what a few other people had to say about Ms. Pierce - and you better believe it's all good things!

Jen from Almost Grown-Up: "Kick-ass female heroines, unbelievable levels of world-building, and magic that enthralls. What's not to love about Tamora Pierce's work?"

Amy from Tripping Over Books: "It took me some time to find my way to Tamora Pierce, and I'm both so glad that I finally did and sad that I didn't find her sooner. Her stories are full of young girls and young women defying the expectations of their gender and forging their own paths; they're so special. Spending time with Tamora's characters in Tortall--a vibrant, well-fashioned world--is one of my favorite things to do."

Anna from I Am Here For This: "I've been reading and re-reading Tamora Pierce's books since I was twelve, and 15 years later, she's remains #1 on my list of Authors Whose New Books I Will Buy & Read Immediately. She taught me both to love high fantasy and to appreciate the unique pleasure of reading about smart, talented, willful women and girls who do amazing things, and if I ever get to meet her in person, I fully expect to burst into tears."

Sarah (Twitter handle: @SarahO97): "I first fell in love with Tamora Pierce's books by randomly discovering the Immortals series in my local library at the age of 12. Ever since, I've found myself enamored with the magical realm of Tortall and its inhabitants."

So come, join us on our magical re-exploration of the fantasy books all four of us grew up on! Whether you're starting fresh, re-reading a book you first read recently or re-reading for the first time in a while - like we are - all are welcome!


  1. I'm a Tamora Pierce newbie, but I am so looking forward to reading some of her books! I'm going to try my best to read along with all of you! :)

    1. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I hope you love them as much as I always have!!! ^_^

  2. This shall be the greatest five months of our lives.

  3. #PIERCEFEST is upon us! I know we're all super excited to be sharing this with the rest of the blogging world, but even if it had just been the 4 of us, I would still be this excited. Ms. Pierce is the BEST.

    1. But actually. If it really only was the 4 of us I think I'd still be so excited I could cry. <3 #Piercefest.

  4. Are all the series separate? So it isn't important which one you start with? I could try to get the Circle books and be a part of #Piercefest next month, maybe!


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