January 4, 2014

Epic Recs: January

Feature created by Amber and Judith, Graphic created by Judith
A couple weeks ago, I got paired up with LISA from Lisa is Busy Nerding for Epic Recs. This is great because:

1. Lisa is the best.
2. Lisa loves a lot of the same things as me.
3. Lisa gets me (as we discovered during our gchat to decide how to do this post).

I mean, really, I could be happier Lisa decided start blogging again. Or that she decided to sign up for Epic Recs around the same time as me. 

Anyway, for this post Lisa and I decided that I'd share her reasons for joining Epic Recs on my blog and vice versa. We also decided I'd have her reasons for recommending this month's book on my blog and vice versa. So, really, the meat and potatoes of this post is done by Lisa, while the corresponding post on her blog is done by me.

I hope that all made sense because I'm not going over it again and I'm about to get started. So.

Why Lisa Joined Epic Recs: 

"Epic Recs was totally up my alley because I ADORE getting recommendations on books just as much as I love pushing books on others. Epic Recs seemed like the perfect venue to get some encouragement to read fantastic books and ensure that the books I secretly stroke at night find their way into loving hands as well. Win-win, you guys! BONUS: getting to know another blogger out there a bit better is always a fun time!"

Now, for the books.

So I recommended SCARLET by A.C. Gaughen for Lisa and Lisa recommended GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers for me. If you want to know why I recommended SCARLET for Lisa, you'll have to go check out her blog (my reasoning is ace, so you're gonna wanna get over there once you're done here). As for why Lisa recommended me GRAVE MERCY...

"A few of the things Gaby loves are Fantasy, Character Driven Books, and Swoons. I was immediately like OKAY YES it is time for this girl to meet Ismae and get swept up in her story and meet Duval and swoon over him! I also know Gaby to be clever and funny, and so is Ismae! It's a match made by St. Mortain itself, I swear. Grave Mercy is a solid read for Gaby (and for the world, tbh) because Ismae is brave and strong and amazing and has a lot of challenges ahead of her that she totally badasses her way through while still remaining an authentic and likable character. The relationships between the characters (yes, even beyond the Love Interest) are well developed and really propel this read to a higher level. Grave Mercy flirts between being Fantasy or being Historical Fiction but it doesn't really matter what genre it falls into because the bottom line is it is AWESOME. So there."

Have you read GRAVE MERCY? Should I be excited? Are you now gonna go visit Lisa's blog for my SCARLET reasoning and then head on over to Judith blog and sign up for Epic Recs? You really, really should, y'know.