September 15, 2013

Review + ARC Giveaway: The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2)
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Release Date: September 17th, 2013
Publisher: Scholastic
Page Count: 448
Source: ARC from BEA
Rating: Maggie Stiefvater's created this world that I step into and never want to leave. No. Seriously. Book. Why do you end?
The second installment in the all-new series from the masterful, #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater!

Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same. Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life. Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after...

[Summary Source: Goodreads]

It's summertime. Adam has a new bond with Cabeswater, Ronan has just admitted that he can take things out of dreams, Gansey is still trying to find Glendower, Blue is as confused by these Raven Boys as ever and Noah's still a ghost. One who flickers in and out of existence, mind you, because Cabeswater also seems to be flicking in and out of existence. Which is really not good in general, not just for Noah. Also, there's this guy, The Gray Man, who's joined the adult end (AKA: Maura, Calla and Persephone) of everything that's happening. Although he's kind of a hit man. So we'll see how that goes.

Let's break this down:

You know when someone explains a magic trick in a TV show or movie (I'm currently thinking of The Mentalist) and they're all like: "A good magician is skilled in misdirection and slight of hand"? Well, Maggie Stiefvater is really, really good at misdirection. Which you might also call plot juggling. Basically, what I mean is, there's so much awesome going on in this book that my brain doesn't have a second to stop and think or question. I never have any idea where this book is going or what's going to happen next. It all just happens and it WORKS.

Not to mention, all this magic misdirection is happening when there's REAL MAGIC also fitting itself into the world building/plot. I like the magic in this book because it just is. There are no magic words to summon it, nor is there a logical reason or a true history behind it's existence. It's natural and somehow completely believable. Even though I don't totally understand what's going on all the time. Like, what happened to Adam in the last book and this one? And how is Ronan controlling these dreams? If I had to figure all this stuff out I'd probably just give up because WHOA. Whoa. 

But aside from the amazing world building and plot juggling in this book, there's also a lot of character juggling. I mean, there are at least 5 main characters in this book - Blue, Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Noah. You could maybe cut Noah, but I wouldn't. One might also call The Gray Man a main character. He has his own chapters and kind of is the villain of the story. And I'm totally invested in who he is and where he comes from. Then again, I'm totally invested in all of the characters in this story. Which seems impossible, since there are so many, but I feel like each character's personality and backstory is kind of hinted to with one sentence or a paragraph or two throughout the story. These sentences and paragraphs might not be enough to paint the full picture, but they do hint to the picture and allow the reader to imagine the rest.

I also can't write this review without talking about the relationships between all of the characters. The complicated balance between our four Raven Boys. How Blue relates to each of them. How all five of these people deal with their family situations. The love polygons. (Triangle? Square? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. And I love all of it. Which is weird because I normally hate love polygons.) This book is just so intense and that's because of these relationship. And the kissing. Or near kissing. I... well, all of my insides twisted at the actual kissing and the near kissing and, and, and... basically I have no coherent words for the intensity of this book.

Don't worry, though, about me not having words. Because Maggie Stiefvater does. I really don't think I've ever read such brilliant prose. That's definitely part of what makes all of the juggling work so well (well, that and the exhaustive amount of research that probably went into the writing of this book). I've never read a book that simultaneously lulled and excited me. (Don't worry, guys, this is not the kind of book to put you to sleep. I promise.)

I honestly can't believe all of the facts, feelings, juggling and stunning prose that make make up this book can fit into 448 pages. It's completely and totally unreal to me. And yet, this happens every time I read a Maggie Stiefvater book. So, let's just call me a fangirl and let's call it a day, shall we?

The long and short of it?

Plot: This is the kind of plot that will keep even the most astute readers on their toes. Oh, and it's awesome.
World Building: All of the juggling and all of the misdirection make for the most amazing world building there ever was. I honestly believe that this is what life is like in Henrietta. Or at least some other part of the world.
Character Development: This book is Ronan's book and I so enjoyed figuring him out and watching him piece everything together. That being said, I also loved everyone else's character shifts. Adam and The Gray Man especially.
Prose: Perfection.
Would I Recommend This Book?: This series is for anyone who loves paranormal, (urban) fantasy, beautiful prose, thorough research that leads to a solid plot foundation and wonderfully dynamic characters.


I got an ARC at BEA but I'm also buying a finished copy of this book because I love it so much. Which means... ARC GIVEAWAY TIME.


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  1. Ronan is totally my favourite Raven Boy! I am so excited to read the Dream Thieves because it's his book! I am seriously so excited for it. Thanks for hosting a giveaway! I was totally expecting to just read the review but the giveaway totally made my day! Thanks for sharing :)


    I do love Noah (so adorable, so sad) and I DID love Adam, even though he's... struggling. And Ronan. My bby.


    1. Oh--your giveaway tweet says you're giving away a finished copy, but you're actually giving away an ARC, right?

  3. I haven't started this series but I own the first book on my kindle so I'll read it and get back to you on my favorite.

  4. Love this book! Had an arc from netgalley, so good!

  5. Gansey. He's just so kind and honest that I love him!

  6. Ooooh, I'm so excited that this book touches more on Ronan because I LOVE me some Ronan. And Noah. Poor, sweet Noah.

    Stiefvater truly has a knack for writing magic in a believable sort of way. I believe that is her gift. And not only is the prose lyrical and beautiful but she's also managed to create this exquisite mystery full of dynamic characters that are each beautiful in their own tragic way. This series is so complex but not hard to follow and I think that's why people love it so much. Can't wait for my copy of this book to finally arrive!

  7. Gansey! It's all there is!
    I just connect with him and he's the closest to my actual personality, with the exception of me being so freaking rich obviously, heh.

  8. I haven't read this series yet (since I wasn't the biggest fan of Shiver...), but I'm feeling encouraged to try this series. I'll have to get back to you on which one is my favorite boy!

  9. Ahhh! I'm dying for this book. I thought maybe I'd get a review copy, but I didn't and now all the reviews that keep popping up make me feel antsy and impatient to read more! :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I'm currently in the midst of listening to the supremely beautiful audiobook of RAVEN BOYS and so far, I'm liking all of the Raven Boys, but GANSEY is my favourite. I love reading about him (his POV and through his friends' POVs). He is so interesting, charismatic and kind.
    I've still got a lot to go (yayy!) in the book but slowly and surely savouring every minute of it.

  12. I'm reading this right now, and I'm loving it! Then again, I totally expected to after falling hard for the first book in the series. Maggie's writing is GORGEOUS, as always. And I do have a soft spot for those Raven Boys, particularly Ronan and Gansey!

  13. I love Ronan. He's just so.. REAL? I don't know. I love me some angsty boy with a bad temper and a heart pf gold <3

  14. Wow, how to choose...I would have to say Adam, totally. I loved his determination to do things on his own terms as much as possible. And whatever is happening between Adam and Blue - I love it!

  15. I haven't read the first book, but I've heard great things about it! :D

  16. You must read raven boys first before this book but I couldn't put it down. I loved it!!! it is truly magical and we'll thought out.
    Highly recommended Portable Gas Detectors


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