October 10, 2014

So Long and Farewell, Poppets!

Yup. That's right, babies, I'm outta here. 

I know, it seems like a CRAAAAAZY thing to say, but the days of Gaby blogging here, at Queen Ella Bee Reads, are over. 

(You might ask.)

Well, some of you may have noticed that I've been hardcore slacking recently. Very busy Gaby = very few posts. And I KNOW it doesn't matter and blogging is for fun and all that good stuff, but I can't help but feel like I've let you all down anyway. So instead of dragging along and feeling like a terrible person throughout, I've decided to change the game. 


Lisa (my beloved Epic Recs brain twin who still kinda blogs over at Lisa is Busy Nerding) and I started thinking about combining our super-blogging-powers last Spring but we were never very serious. Then, in August, we were like "UGH BLOGGING ALONE IS HARD" and decided it was time to merge and do it up.

So, basically, now I get to formally introduce my new blog to all my old blog readers:

Bookish Broads is run by Lisa and me. We figure two blogging slackers smushed together makes for one not-so-slackery blogger. We might be wrong, but we intend to have plenty of fun working together, y'know?

So. Yeah.

That's the big news.

To Recap: 
No more Queen Ella Bee Reads (although I think I'll always be Queen Ella Bee).

BUT I'll still be blogging, so you should probably go follow Bookish Broads. Y'know, because you all love me so much and want to continue reading all the crazy words I decided to publish about books and other things I love.

You can do that one of many ways:


CLICK HERE (or on that fun widget below) for Bloglovin'

CLICK HERE for Twitter

CLICK HERE for Instagram

Those are the four major things. Now, go, follow Bookish Broads on all of the platforms and don't miss a word.

And remember:
You guys are all the very best blog supporters a girl could ever ask for.
Hugs and kisses forever.

But, for serious, bye now. See you guys not here.

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