April 21, 2013

Veronica Mars Watch-Along Week 5

[Graphic designed by the lovely Judith of Paper Riot]
So, how does this work, super sleuths? Go check out the Watch-Along kick off post for the skinny. I'll give you a second just in case...

All caught up? Good.

In case you already know the basics and just forgot what episodes are up today, here's the list:
  • "The Girl Next Door"
  • "Like a Virgin"
And, for NEXT WEEK:
  • "Drinking the Kool-Aid"
  • "An Echolls Family Christmas"

Now I don't have balloon animals for you guys, but I think it's time to get this party started. 

The beginning of "The Girl Next Door" is SERIOUSLY OMINOUS. Okay, maybe V was a little dramatic since things didn't turn out as badly as they clearly could have, but all of her sleuthing was pretty impressive. Because even though she totally got her dad involved at all of the right moments (except for at the very end), she really did solve this one all on her own.

The micro mystery in "Like a Virgin" was also pretty badass. First of all: I love Mac. Second of all, it really demonstrates just how terrible the 09ers on. Kimmie and Pam are actually the worst. I don't even know how anyone would put up with that. But it's definitely nice to see that SOMEONE is still nice to V. I'm not totally sure how Meg can hang out with those awful people, boyfriend aside. She seems like THE NICEST. 

As for the LARGER mysteries:
1. V's Mom/Duncan's Bizarre Behavior
I think pairing these two episodes together was pretty (unintentionally) genius of me (because, y'know, I totally plan this stuff). In "The Girl Next Door" we find out Duncan's Dad and V's Mom were totes in LURVE in high school. Which is kinda gross, but okay. And then we find out when V asked Lilly to find out why Duncan suddenly dropped her without explanation, Lilly just can't seem to be honest with her bestie. And then when V goes to visit Abel Koontz in prison at the end of "Like a Virgin", he's all: "YOU'RE JAKE KANE'S DAUGHTER" and then I just can't even.

Neither can V
2. Lilly's Murder
SOMETHING IS FUNKYTOWN HERE. Koontz won't admit to anything. He also happens to be incredibly creepy so I WISH he'd actually done the deed, but he DIDN'T. So aside from getting to actually see his face at the end of "Like a Virgin" we don't actually learn anything new. I just wanted to point out how creeeptastic he is, y'know?

Principal Clemmons: "Mr. Echolls, I was wondering if I could have a word."
Logan: "Anthropomorphic, all yours big guy."
Principal Clemmons: "Your father has generously offered to donate a pair of books for a school fundraising auction."
Logan: "Not the ones made for walking. God I love those boots."

Teacher: "This is punishment, gentlemen, not party time."
Logan: "Well that would explain the absence of balloon animals."

Veronica (to Wallace): "Our bond goes stronger everyday He Who Has Satellite Dish"

Veronica: "Meg, you're the last good person at this school. I'd believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning."

Veronica (to Keith): "Overstepping if your main form of transportation."


Also, the whole thing with Wallace's mom was pretty messed up, but Keith basically became my favorite person ever when he fixed the issue. DON'T MESS WITH PAPA MARS. Unless you're his wife, in which case feel free to cheat? (returns back to my complete and utter WHAT moment found in the last paragraph). God, Lianne Mars, you have SO VERY MUCH to answer for.

In this episode Logan and Weevil get along a little. But not really? Because I don't think they can ever REALLY get along, based on all of the things we learned in these two episodes. It's really too bad because I love them, especially together. That detention scene (and ALMOST everything that came after) was FUN.

  • Duncan: I think they're trying to make him seem like a nice guy at this point? But really I'm still bored. Not to mention, he's still totally lying to V and I'm not interested in that either. I don't know why Pam would get all fussy over him, but he's rich, I guess.
  • Wallace: This boy is the bomb dot com. That's really all I have to say. 71% good, 100% pure awesome.
  • Logan: I just love how snarky he is. Don't you? Really. I don't think Lilly understood what she had, otherwise what comes next wouldn't happen.
  • Weevil: WEEVIL HAD A THING WITH LILLY. THEY WERE A THING. LILLY CHEATED ON LOGAN. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. I just can't even. I 

Clothes. In the toilet. Really? Dear GOD. This school takes their bullying really seriously. First slashed tires, now clothing in toilets? And then this password stealing and purity test rigging? I get the rumors but this is a whole new level. GET REAL HOBBIES YOU WEIRDOES.

Tina Fey: The Queen of the Eye Roll
Cliff gets a more prominent role in this episode, which I like, but the new characters introduced this episode are Mac and Meg. Ms. Mackenzie is sly, clever, fairly savvy and one of the character I want to see moremoremore of. Meg's also pretty awesome. She's sweet and seems to actually like Veronica. Yeah, I have issues with her since she's still friends with a ridiculous bunch of jerks, but she's not the worst, so I'll take it.

I thought it would be cool to throw this bit in since we just met Meg. Apparently, the actress who plays Meg, Alona Tal, tried out of the role of Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell clearly took the cake, but Rob Thomas like Alona Tal so much, he created the recurring role of Meg for her (Source: IMDb).

Did you know my fun fact? How do you feel about Mac and Meg? What about the whole Weevil-Logan-Lilly triangle. I mean, whoa, right? Oh, and speaking of whoa: WHO IS VERONICA'S DADDY? Talk to me in the comments below, would ya?


  • "Drinking the Kool-Aid"
  • "An Echolls Family Christmas"


  1. I'm not a watch-along-er, but just wanted to say that I LOVE your recaps.
    I just recently watched the series (yes, for the first time :), so reading your posts is like reliving my VM experience. With all it's ups and downs.

    re: fun fact - didn't know about that! But I'm glad that she didn't get the role :P Kristen Bell=Veronica Mars, in my book.

    1. All I ASK is that you love the recaps. Because clearly I write them for me, but also a little for you guys ;)

      And yeah, I'm all KB for V, but I do really like Alona Tal, so I'm glad she's in it!

  2. Principal Clemmons: "Mr. Echolls, I was wondering if I could have a word."
    Logan: "Anthropomorphic. All yours big guy."

    This has always been one of my FAVORITE Logan lines EVER. Also Logan and Weevil together is awesomesauce. They're such interesting characters, and they can never be friends--not really-- but there's so much CHARACTER CHEMISTRY.

    LIANNE MARS, YOU ARE THE WORST.*huggles poor V* Wallace deserves all the the ever. Duncan... is a vacant shell. There. I said it.

    I had no idea about that fun fact! How innnnnnteresting. I can't picture V and anyone BUT Kristen Bell, but I do love Alona Tal, and am glad that she inspired Meg, the only truly good character probably in all of Neptune. Except for perhaps Wallace.

    Also Mac is the best. I just want to express to you how much I LURRRRVE this watchalong. Reliving all the feels!

    1. LOGAN IS THE VERY BEST WITH ALL OF THE SNARK. NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE HIS PLACE. ALL HAIL THE KING OF SNARK. Furthermore, I also like your other, brief character analyses. I agree on all front. Also on the actress choosing fronts. For real. This show. I love.

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