March 27, 2013

Waiting On: Unnatural Creatures: Stories Selected by Neil Gaiman (17)

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Title: Unnatural Creatrues: Stories Selected by Neil Gaiman
Author: Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones, E. Nesbit and more
Release Date: April 23rd, 2013
Publisher: HarperCollins
A griffin, a werewolf, a sunbird...
These are just some of the fantastical creatures you'll encounter within these pages. From the cockatoucan, whose laugh rearranges an entire kingdom, to the roving shapeless Beast that lurks in a forest, herein is a collection of rare and magnificent species. Each one will thrill, delight, and quite possibly unnerve you.
Selected by master storyteller Neil Gaiman, the sixteen stories in this menagerie will introduce you to a host of strange, wondrous beings that have never existed anyplace but in the richness of the imagination.
With stories from Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones, E. Nesbit, and many more, Unnatural Creatures will benefit the literacy nonprofit 826DC.

[Summary Source: Goodreads]
Fantasy, as a genre, is pretty much my first reading love. I'm into a whole bunch of other genres now, but as a kid, all I cared about was magic, castles and knights. I loved the mythical creatures and old romantic old-world feel. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite fantasy writers. He really knows what he's doing, y'know? I pretty much buy anything he's involved in, including the children's book he wrote (I bought it for my 2 year old nephew. He loves Chu. He walks around going AAAAACHU! So cute). So when I found out about this short story compilation compiled by Neil Gaiman that includes a bunch of fantasy authors I adore, I couldn't help but bounce up and down in excitement. Thankfully I only have to wait a month for this one!

So this week's Waiting on Wednesday is VERY EXCITING for me. How about you guys? What did you pick? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. This sounds like an interesting read - especially for my nieces and nephews who are really into reading these kind of books right now.

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    1. Yes! It definitely sounds good for kids ^_^

  2. I really love this cover,it reminds my of the covers of the Barnes and Nobles Classic leather bound edition books! Great wow!

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    1. Oooh you're right! It really does! Now I want it even more.

  3. Nice - Gaimain is always a great pick!

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