February 8, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Read-Along: Update 5

Welcome back YET AGAIN to Queen Ella Bee Reads and Harley Bear Book Blog's first ever read-along! It's time to discuss the first 5 chapters of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell. I hope you're all read up. There's no quiz at the end, but there IS a giveaway!

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And now, onto what you came here for!

Queen Ella Bee: OK. That swim meet was EFFED UP.

Harley Bear: Ya that was just wrong. She should have just walked out in her towel bc Sebastian would have liked that and the plan would have backfired haha.

QB: Ugh. Lali. What is UP WITH YOU? And how does Sebastian not see how messed up that is? I'm totally mad at him for a million things, but especially for not sticking up for Carrie.

HB: Ya he was laughing at her. It doesn't matter if she's right or wrong for being upset he should have stood up for her.

QEB: He's SUCH a dirtbag. I'm so sick of him. And Lali. She's seriously a mastermind. It's crazy how she does all this stuff.

HB: Ya and I don't see how Carrie fell for her trick at the dance.

QEB: I dunno, I didn't see it coming. I actually thought for 30 seconds that Lali might be Carrie's friend. Man I'm a sucker.

HB: I knew she was up to no good. She probably is working with Donna lol

QEB: Ugh. In both books and real life I'm a sucker to a mean girl. Oh well.

HB: Haha I'm very suspicious. I've dealt with some shady girls before.

QEB: I mean, so have I. Doesn't mean I'm good at spotting them. 

HB: Even though she left the dance, I liked the Walt scene after that. At least she stood up for herself and went and had fun regardless
QEB: YES. I love Walt. Should I say that again? I mean it.

HB: haha

QEB: I'm just surprised Carrie hasn't REALLY confronted Lali yet. I mean, after what she said to Sebastian at the dance? Weird.

HB: Ya I wonder why she hasn't.

QEB: Very weird.

HB: Especially about the clothes in the locker room. I mean unless she wont say anything bc sebastian wasn't supposed to tell her. But still.

QEB: No she should say something. Also, hello, Dorrit's out of controooool.

HB: Ya she is ridiculous. I mean I know Carrie's mom died, but how come every time something happens with Dorrit her dad makes her come. She's not her mom.

QEB: So true. I also think it's crazy that her dad freaks out at all three girls when only one of them is the problem child.

HB: Ya the others didn't do anything to deserve that.

QEB: At first, when I read that, I thought I'd missed something because it didn't make ANY sense.

HB: I guess he's just freaking out because he doesn't know how to raise 3 girls alone.

QEB: He just seems kind of cold. So like one second it seems like he doesn't care at all and then BAM he's all, NO HAVING ANY FRIENDS.

HB: It's weird. But yet he pushes george on her, sorta.

QEB: Super weird. But I guess he approves of George. I do too.

HB: We're like George's personally cheerleaders. And Walt's too. Which is weird bc I usually fall for the same guy as the MC in books.

QEB: Yeah well Carrie doesn't know what's good for her. Also we know her future so I feel like it's different.

HB: That's true.

QEB: We can like whoever we want without worrying how Carrie feels because WE KNOW it's not gonna be any of them.

HB: Ya haha

QEB: I will say I like the word "Bralcatraz"

HB: Haha. That's clever.

I think a lot of the comparisons between the books and the show have stopped because the book has now progressed to a point the TV show just hasn't hit yet. It's something I expected to happen and something I'm happy about. Comparing books and TV shows isn't totally fair, don't you think? Each medium is capable of very different things and we should enjoy the good of each instead of comparing how they're each terrible at one thing or another.

Anyway, make sure to head over to Melissa's blog tomorrow for the last daily update. After that, you'll get our reviews followed by a post on Story Crush!


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