December 4, 2012

YA for NJ

I have never been prouder to be a lover of YA. I'd like to thank YA for NJ for that.

With a fancy event photo to boot.

I feel like I should start this post by saying that I'm a born and bred Manhattanite (Manhattaner? Manhattaperson?). I technically reside in Boston for another two weeks while I finish up my pesky undergrad degree, but no matter what the Commonwealth of Massachusetts thinks, I don't belong here. Nope. I belong here:

That's Manhattan. See the Empire State Building?

Anyways, back in October, Hurricane Sandy took a trip to the East Coast. She brought Boston a little rain, but when I called my mom after everything died down, it turns out she brought a whole lot of mess to Manhattan and her neighbors. Thankfully, my parents live in Upper Manhattan so everything at the homestead is ship-shape. They never even lost power. But not everyone in the area was quite so lucky.

This is a city street. My mind is boggled.
Where would you go if this happened to you?

So, after all the rain went away, the areas affected by the storm started working to get rid of all the water and repair what Sandy wrecked. Only, these repairs don't come cheap. But people have really been coming together to help out, even if all they can do is send some clothing or cash. And y'know what? YA authors are no exception.

YA for NJ put together this amazing eBay auction composed of books from an overwhelming large number of authors, Skype or school visits, dedications in future books, a character named after you in a book, manuscript, query and synopsis critiques from important people and more. Even better? A bunch of these lots now have bids of over $100. Some even have more than $200!

So you all should mosey on over to eBay (HERE is that link again) and put in a bid for what you want. It all goes to help my neighbors over in Jersey. And they really do need your help.